Our Future Time-line is sending us a message…we are being prepared!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strange)

by Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic (mixed with a little David Bowie)


Big Changes are on our horizon.  Here is a Stone Recipe for our soul during these restructuring times…

These stones will help us to awaken…because from an Awakened State we only create beauty!

Do what you can for yourself to gain strength to carry on into these highly changing times of realizing what you have created. Know too that you have the power to un-create…but it must be in a balanced manor. It took time to create and it will take equal time to UN-create. This will endure changing your ways and learning how to decipher ‘what is truth’ and ‘what is not’. Here are stones to help sooth your soul and support this change…as this change is inevitable!

Charoite to help overcome the fear of this change.
Petalite for Tranquility, upliftment, expansion of awareness, manifesting the spiritual in the physical, opening to the higher worlds.
Phenacite helps one find the courage to lead a spirit-centered life.
Rhodonite, Jade, Banded Agate and MoonStone for Harmony.
SunStone for Happiness.

It is time to face and walk into the strange and unusual…this is where we find our Joy!

Love, Light and Lots of Rainbows…