Open for a Mystical Message from James…

James, Lyran Lion of Light
channeled by Mark Millar

You are the Sun! You do not think of your Light as dawning or dusking, for these are aspects of perception from a less omnipresent stance than you are. One where the mountain stands in the way of the rising to come and the sea rests to swallow Her down. This is not the case for you. Do you think the powerful entity of the star that provides your existence with rays of illumination rests? She is ALWAYS shining her light upon Earth. I tell you that the Lion of Light’s soul is the same, you even shine in the darkness of night. You are a Lion! You are the Sun!

For many humans, here approaches the marker for the New Year in hours. Many perceive 2020 as a trek through tall, weeded grass and are hopeful that the next paw forward separates the grains and gives you vision across the plains. We hear a resounding resonance from humanity, the deepest desire to resolve in the following year what you did not the past year.

Understand this has nothing to do with the time you’ve traveled, but inner growth from the journey that provides you with proper direction. For if you’ve spent 2020 prowling in circles in high weeded grass, with no intuitive or instinctual sense to guide you toward freedom of that which plagues you- you will likely travel in a circle again in the same tall grasses of 2021.

I don’t have to tell you but there are many Lions lost in the weeds. Yet there are an increasing number of you that grew in 2020 to the point that your whiskers are tickled by the very top of the tall grass, and now you can see over it all. And I tell you this IS the new vision so many spoke about approaching the vibrational shift into this New Age. You begin to realize the folly of those who choose to lay near the roots of dry reeds and crying, “Save us from last year!” Because the conundrum humanity is facing has nothing to do with time; but has everything to do with every soul’s vibrational growth above all that impedes them.

Your highest self exists in a continuum that is not segmented by time or placement. Hence the truth of the Sun is the same for you. There are no days and nights, nor this year to the next for her. You cannot “resolve” to be the Sun, you simply are the bearer of Illumination always! You are the Light! You can’t make plans or resolution to be anything but that, no matter what your state of being is. The Sun will always exist as do you, and the Earth will always exist with the Sun as a source of her illumination, in higher and higher dimensional states. Just as you. The Sun’s energy warms your solar plexus with the same illuminating wisdom. That never ceases for a Lion of Light! If we asked the Sun for a resolution for the coming year, she would never say; “I’m going to be this or that for Earth in the coming year!” Her resolution as yours would simply be what she always has been and will be, “I AM LIGHT UPON THE UNIVERSE.”

YOU ARE THE SAME LIGHT! No resolutions needed. Just A BIG LION SMILE!

May your mane be your Light. May your roar be the Truth. May your paws tread the Divine Path as do mine! – James, Lyran Lion of Light 

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