Higher Vibrations by Keola & Tamara Conner

Higher vibrations are coming in now, which is awakening people!  Awakening means becoming sensitive to your gifts.   But, not knowing how to control them can be overwhelming at times.  For others that have been on their path, theses higher vibrations are raising the deeper issues from their past. Feeling these emotional deeper issues forces us sometimes to disconnect.  Which leads us to feeling lost or disconnected at times.   Although these deeper issues may not feel good, it is a good thing.  It allows you the opportunity to resolve the issues from your past.  Clearing your bowl of light, allows a clearer connection to God/Spirit and you will be a brighter Beacon of Light!
Staying grounded in your physical body is important!  Being grounded allows the present you of today, with the knowledge and wisdom of this lifetime to resolve the deeper issues coming up in your life.  If you’re not grounded, you have to leave some part of you in charge of the physical body.  Who’s in charge? It’s normally the younger you.  The one with all the fears and doubts.  And this younger you, can not resolve these issues!  So, you need to stay grounded, embrace that younger part of you and allow the present YOU of today to resolve the issues!
We share our Aloha with you today and always,

Keola and Tam

*Keola and Tamara are available for healing sessions on the 1st Friday and 4th Sunday of each month!