Harmonic Balance by Brandon

As a Scorpio, this season feels like “home” to me so I am excited to share this week’s message!

Let’s look back through 2018 – starting off with a pair of eclipses, a couple of retrogrades, add more retrogrades, and did I mention retrogrades? Don’t forget about the intense Lion’s Gate in August sandwiched between three more eclipses and yes – more retrogrades! Not to mention wave after wave of other uplifting energies and now a powerful 11/11/11 Gateway!

What an intense year – Cycle after cycle of inner work, releasing, breakdowns, healing, and breakthroughs! You’re doing amazing!

But… Scorpio is asking us to go deep into the darkness of ourselves and face our shadows once more – and sit with them. Embrace them. Intimately understand them. Accept and honor them. Heal them with unconditional self-love.

Our shadows are part of us that can never be eliminated, or separated from us. Now is the time to accept them and integrate them as part of our whole. Yin and Yang. Bringing ALL of our personal energy into harmonic balance with our highest resonance/vibration.

We are each our own Universe. The greatest impact we have on what we perceive outside of ourselves is to first affect what exists within each of us. As Within, So Without.

Scorpio is the sign of Transformation – Death into Rebirth, Adversity into Success, and Pain into Love and Magic. We can use this energy to shift forward and upward like a phoenix into the big changes that are ahead… Which I am excited to share with you soon!

Together in Oneness,