Fun Plano Crystal Shop

If you are looking for a Plano Crystal shop, we are a stone’s throw away in The Colony, Texas. We can help you identify the crystals you need as you begin your healing journey. Crystals ground you and can help you with happiness, love and relationships, and more.

At Lightworkers Sanctuary’s Crystal store, we offer a variety of  quality Crystals and Gemstone Jewelry, candles, Incense, and Sage. As well as Crystal singing bowls and Oracle, Tarot Cards, & Spiritual Books. We also carry essential oils and clearing sprays, and so much more

How to Select and use Crystals

Crystals have been used since ancient times to ward off bad spirits and for their medicinal properties. Crystals have the Earth’s energy in them from the time spent in the Earth’s core before mining.

A lot more people are using the healing powers of crystals in their daily lives. They come in different forms; there are Crystals in drinking water, worn close to the skin, and those that you carry around in your purse.

Finding the right crystal is necessary. You might find yourself overwhelmed when in a crystal shop. The different types of semi-precious stones serve different purposes. Some people say it is the crystal that picks you, not the other way around. To put this in a test, clear your minds, set an intention for why you need the stone, and take a walk around the crystal shop and see if a stone picks you. Put a few on your arm, and feel the one you connect most.

You might feel vibrations when you are around the crystal. Pulsing waves are the signs of crystal energy manifesting. To use the power of the crystal, have a clear intention and mind. The crystals will pick up the positive energy you are radiating and magnify it.

The semi-precious stones work as physical reminders of your intention and connect you to the Earth’s energy.

Some Types of Healing Crystals

Crystals get their energy from the sun, moon, and the ocean. To gain their healing power, you need to open your heart and mind. It is essential to understand their different healing properties before visiting a holistic shop. Finding the right Crystal is a journey of fun and discovery.

Some of the crystals that you will find at our metaphysical store:


Labradorite is also known as a bringer of light. It increases energy and clarifies thoughts. It clears and protects your aura, stimulating intuition while increasing the consciousness and connecting you to the universe.
Ir is used in meditation, bringing transformation and true intentions.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline blocks negative energy, stress, and external influences, grounding you and bringing peace to the heart and body. It also blocks radiations from electronics.


Elestial allows you to connect to the higher dimensions and supports you on your spiritual journey. It helps to deeply clear depression or sorrow.


Lepidolite assists in releasing additions and psychological patterns, bringing about emotional healing. It helps you focus on what is important, making it excellent for business pursuits.

Visit us today, we can help you on your healing and spiritual journey.