Amazing Plano Metaphysical Store And Healing Center

Lightworkers Sanctuary has been in business for ten year. Our experienced team can help guide you in your spiritual needs. Our Metaphysical store in The Colony, Texas, also serves the city of Plano, Texas, with  our wide range of spiritual crystals, activities, and experiences.

We offer daily healing  sessions which are one of the most popular  services. These experiences bring people into our shop to experience self-awareness. Sessions are 15 to 30minutes long.

Plano Holistic and Healing services

Lightworkers Sanctuary offers spiritual enlightenment and healing to give you the peace and rid you of negative energy. Our Reiki masters can help guide you on your journey of self expansion. Below are some of our healers and other spiritual experiences we offer:

Theta Healing

Penny Cordet, an Advanced Theta Healing practitioner, will guide you to reach all your levels of sub-consciousness and rid of all your past negative experiences. You will be able to attain peace, wealth, and personal growth.
For Theta healing session with Penny, visit our store every third Sunday and by appointment on other days.

Amethyst BIOMAT with Crystal Healing Mask

This healing mask combines infrared rays, negative ions, and amethyst crystals to trap light and bring healing to the body.

This healing brings restoration to the body. The Reiki master will use clear and rose quartz to clear your aura with soothing music and the crystal healing mask. They are 30minutes sessions, and you can experience them daily in our holistic store.

Trinity table Experience

Experience deep levels of meditation with trinity table raising your consciousnesses for personal transformation.
Available from Tuesday through to Saturday by appointment only, the sessions last for 30minutes.

Ascension Pyramid

With Reiki masters, they will guide you using the Ascension pyramid, focus the light on your soul, listen to your soul’s intent as it already knows, and surrendering to your soul’s intent. The first session is 15minutes long.

Animal Communication

Are you looking to bring animals to your home? Or, you want to communicate with your family, Pet? Sandra will help you connect with your animal. You will be able to connect with the animals without the use of words. To connect with Sandra, contact her.

UV Lamp

The UV lamp is used frequently after a session to eliminate germs without the use of chemicals. Germs, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, when exposed to the UV light, are incapable of reproducing and infecting others. This creates a safe and healthy environment for the activities.

Our Crystal Store

Our fun Crystal shop is well stocked with items and tools to assist you in your spiritual journey.
These include:

Quality Crystals
Beautifully Crafted Gemstone Jewelry
Candles, Incense, & Sage
Crystal Singing Bowls
Oracle, Tarot Cards, & Spiritual Books
Essential Oils and Clearing Sprays

And So Much More…

Our Holistic Services

Variety of Energy Healing Modalities
Intuitive Readings
Meditation Circles
Trinity Table
House Clearing and Blessing

And More…

Our metaphysical store serves the city Plano, Texas and surrounding areas.
Visit us and give us the opportunity to meet  your metaphysical needs.