As we move through February, we are deeply immersed in the ideas and energies of human love. We’ve all seen the heart shaped merchandise and ads for other products and services available for people to express their love for one another. While joy can be found in these things and experiences, and with so many types of love to express – romance, kinship, and friendship – let us maintain awareness of Divine Love.

The idea of Divine Love has been a recurring message for me this week – and we all know how the Universe can be with those recurring messages! One of my biggest personal challenges on my journey has been understanding what self-love and acceptance is – and then putting these into practice. It’s easy to fall into our own traps of being critical of ourselves or feeling like we aren’t doing or being enough – even when we know better than this.

Of all the things to DO and ways to BE here in this reality – the highest of these vibrations is simply to be present with as much of our authentic, infinite Divine Self as we can squeeze into these tiny human bodies. There is always opportunity for healing and cultivating space for more of our Divinity to live within us but we are ALWAYS enough and must remember that at our very core we are Divine Love itself.


*Picture includes Ruby Kyanite nuggets and hearts along with an assortment of heart stones for you and loved ones. Come in and see these love vibrations at Lightworkers! Happy Valentines…