Crystal Grids / Sacred Geometry

Crystal Grids create and send vibrations out to you and into your space… then out into this world. Sacred Geometry shapes are wonderful to incorporate into your design as they bring through divine coding. Crystals themselves are Sacred Geometry! Oh, what magical powers they bring to us… Mastership of a Divine Process. Are you ready to Master Your Process?

Crystal Grids enhance your space when placed in and around your home, workspace, garden and ART! You can use sacred geometry designs to place stones in and around the design itself. The vibrations created when gathered from the stones/crystals used along with the intent of the sacred geometry are extremely powerful.

If you don’t have a sacred geometry design in mind, let the crystals guide you to what it is you feel to come through. It is fun to play and let your imagination run wild. You will begin to expand your creative abilities as both the stones and geometry are teachers…carrying much information that we soak up in our cellular structure. All vibrations emit knowledge… create some sacred knowledge for you!!! Just by gridding your spaces you are doing a huge benefit for yourself and this world as you are creating from The DIVINE!

Work some Magical Sacred Crystal/Stone Grids into your spaces and see what unfolds…

Divine Grid above uses:

  • Dodecahedron Crystal in the center representing The Universe
  • 3 Selenite slabs to channel the Holy Trinity of Divine Knowledge out into This World
  • 9 Raw Rose Quartz for the completion of the understanding of Unconditional Love
  • 11 Sacred Super Sevens that carry the highest vibrations of crystals manifested into this earth existence. Master Number for Master Healer sent out to Humanity at this time.
  • 3 Tremolites to facilitate humanities access to the morphogenic field of the Divine Mind.

Enjoy these energies as this grid knows no boundaries! Once Created…Always Created!!!

*At Lightworker’s Sanctuary we do have some wonderful books that will help you to create grids if you would like some guidance. We also have grid cloths with sacred geometry designs. Always keep in mind…it is fun to just follow your heart with your own gridding process!