Crystal Grid Picture from Lightworker’s Sanctuary includes Crystal Grid Cloth with The Seed of the Flower and Stones used:

Center Astrophylite – Infuses the entire system with Celestial Light…Floods in so much light no darkness can remain.

Tremolite – Accessing the Divine Mind.

Pink Morganite – Brings through the Powerful Vibrations of Divine Love.

Moonstone – Brings through Good Fortune and Passionate Love.

Citrine – A Joyful Stone that promotes and manifest Success & Abundance.

Kunzite – Creating a Ring of Good Fortune.

Outer Corners Chalcedony – A nurturing stone promoting Brotherhood & Good Will…Joyful and Playful Energies.

Tourmilated Quartz – Protective & Powerful for clearing negativity…Healing on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels.

The Seed of this Grid takes these energies being created out into this world…continuing to grow and be nurtured. It will Always be Protected and Anchored with Joy.

Happy Gridding Everybody! And Have Fun…