Berena is sharing her message from our Sunday Meditation & Activation Circle of Love January 2015:

Message from Archangel Azreal

We greet you from an entirely different perspective today. For you are approaching a more complete merging with your Higher Selves, and so the vibration from which I communicate is higher and more conducive to your new level of understanding.

You have reached an entirely new vibration field and so it is taking you a little adjustment this day, to integrate and accommodate this new perspective.

 And it is entirely your own doing, for your intent has been to accept these loving intense energies and absorb them and allow them to expand your Light Bodies further.

You cannot help but see things through new lens, an entirely different landscape for many of you.

Do not be concerned if you do not physically feel a lot different, however, many of you would be hard-pressed to deny that you are feeling and seeing differently. Let go of the resistance and the doubt and you will see more clearly.

Dear Ones, I urge you to constantly reach for your higher perspective that is becoming more evident to you.

Choose to see things from that perspective. You will find it will become easier to let go of the fears and limitations that once held you back, for your soul is wanting to soar higher and will not be denied.  Allow this process, with grace and acceptance.

The time is here to discard and leave behind your old ways of analyzing with your old frameworks of beliefs.

Feel with your heart and welcome your new perspective based solely on your hearts. Coming from this space all the time now is becoming much more available to you. These new energies guarantee it.

Now is the time to connect always with your Higher Self first. Allow all the aspects of your essence to merge. Feel yourself merging with your soul family. Bring the family to the place of Oneness.

The pieces of information available to you now are limitless. It merely requires you to be open to receive.

Greet your new selves with honor and love always, accepting and knowing that the Divine Flame within you is building to an ever-increasing vibration and taking over and encompassing all aspects of you, as all aspects come home to your Divine Center.

The process has been beautiful to watch as we observe you coming into your own, of discovering all new and desired possibilities as real and imminent as you pass through the door of your higher awareness. Let yourselves become that expansion and wholeness that is calling to you.

The old ways of duality are disappearing as you continue to move forward. And now you see ahead of you an entirely new landscape, one that is vibrating with a newness designed by love and grace, a garden that is being designed by you with your infinite creative abilities.

Notice that those thoughts and goals of the past may beckon from time to time, as weeds may continue to push through the ground long after you have decided to pull them. But it does not have to be that you allow them to take over your new garden. For you are now stronger and more capable of averting your gaze and your intent, to keep nourishing your beautiful garden of Love and Heart-centered purpose.

Stand strong now in your new reality. The more you give your attention and your energy to it, the more it is grounded and deeply manifested into form.

You are the Divine Creators of your new lives, and your new world. And wherever your purpose is leading you, will be adorned with beautiful flowers of immense love and vibrant colors, awaiting you to focus on them and love them and decide how to use them in your new life.

Send only love and gratitude to the “weeds” in your garden, and do not focus on them. Focus instead on the beautiful endless possibilities that you are growing into your new reality, those beautiful flowers of love, compassion, prosperity, peace and harmony for all humanity.

You are so close, Dear Ones, you are doing it. Please keep your faith and please keep your focused attention on your goals for a lighter brighter world for all to enjoy and flourish. That is your Divine Birthright.

You are all my precious co-creators of peace and love, my beautiful brothers and sisters.

Together we are building a beautiful world, one glorious step at a time. Know this and nourish yourselves within your knowing.

I Am Archangel Azrael