Berena is sharing her message from our last Crystal Sonics

Crystal Sonics January 2015

Greetings Dear Family, I Am Archangel Raziel,

You are stepping into a new beginning and a new adventure at this time on Earth. This will be the year in which the Energies of Magical Abundance and Creativity will be anchored on the Earth.

The challenges that you have faced in the past, have helped you to truly stand in your power and be the Creator of your New Reality. This is the essence of a Multi-Dimensional Master of Light.

In the new frequencies and vibrations, you will be given the opportunity to further develop your skills and abilities. The energies will create further acceleration of consciousness and further activation’s of your DNA codes for spiritual and physical evolution.

This is a new Time Spiral, and on this path, you will discover the power of Infinite Love and Compassion for yourself and for all others.

You will discover new power within the incoming Galactic and Cosmic Energies, and you will focus this into the creation of a loving and harmonious reality as you travel this path as multi-dimensional co-creators.

In the energies of this new reality, there will be many very powerful moments of Change and Transformation. The first will be in March, and it will be initiated at the time of the Spring Equinox.

You will receive energies that will provide the opportunity for the planet to shift from a reality of discord, into a more balanced and harmonious state of collective co-existence.

For those of you who have opened up to a state of higher awareness, this will be the moment to hold the energies of Inner Peace, Harmony and Love, and focus on the creation of a reality of this on the Earth.  You will have the ability to harness the creative magic of the Sixth Dimension to assist in your manifesting ability.

You will see many shifts and changes on the Earth, opening the way for new forms and new creations.

These changes will be felt on the individual and the collective levels. Do not be intimidated by these changes, only hold the focus of Love and Creativity, taking this opportunity to align with the New Energy, and to Co-create Abundance and Harmony, rather than to contribute to old lower energies of chaos.

Another powerful moment will be at the Planetary New Year in July through August, these energies will include the energies of the Lion’s Gate this is another opportunity for evolutionary and creative progress.

The cosmic energies that will pass through the Lion’s Gate, will increase the new higher energies, and create opportunities for you to begin to feel more balanced, and perhaps a new career path that will be more in alignment with your revised mission and purpose on Earth.

At this time, the Higher Councils of light, in alignment with the Solar Council and Earth Councils, will initiate new energy timelines that will allow for manifestation of the new reality in physical form.

Those of you, who are ready, will step forward into this new path of accelerated consciousness. You will be the ones to anchor this Harmony, Peace and Abundance, into the new reality of Earth.

It will be an exciting and challenging time, but also filled with new opportunities.  Again, we ask that you focus on these opportunities to empower yourself as Masters of Light and Creativity, and to assist in grounding the New Reality for Planet Earth into the Human Collective Consciousness Grid. So all may experience Freedom, Love, Peace and Abundance.

This is but a glimpse of the wonders to come in the next few months, and your part in manifesting the magic of the growth and changes for the Planet and all humanity.

Dear Ones, these new realities are so close, We ask that you be open to receive the new energies that will become available, and that will be needed, to move us forward. We also ask you to please keep your faith, and yourfocused attention on your goals for a lighter brighter world for all to enjoy and flourish. This Dear Ones is your sovereign Birthright. So open your hearts and receive.

You are all our precious co-creators of peace and love, and we are in complete gratitude of your progress…

Together we are building a beautiful world, one focused thought at a time.

I am Archangel Raziel