Archangel Jophiel Channeled through Paula Baldock

I feel that one of the questions we, as Lightworkers, often ask is, “How can I have an impact on this world?” So, I Paula, asked Archangel Jophiel this very question, and here is his response:

Beloved One, you are already making an impact on this world just by being YOU. You have let go of so many old, ingrained beliefs over the years. That hasn’t been easy, we know, because the world around you, the people around you are still “stuck” in their old patterns and beliefs, and they think your way of expressing is “weird” or “crazy.” But that hasn’t stopped you. You know to the depths of your soul Who You Are, and nothing is going to diminish that knowing. It is engraved upon your heart. It is branded on your brain. It is your TRUTH.

Congratulations! You have made a massive step forward toward the betterment of Humanity. By standing in your Power and being who you are, you are having an impact on those around you. You are all about Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Compassion, Kindness… all the traits and qualities of a Human Angel. Well done, Dear One!

And by sharing your Truth with others, you are creating a ripple effect that goes out far and wide. Others experience your Love, Peace, and Joy just by being in your presence. And the day will come when they will join you in your beautiful space. And when that happens, all of Heaven will rejoice!

Stay strong, Dear One. Your strength is going to be vital in these times ahead. Outwardly, it will appear that the world is falling into the darkness. But that is only an illusion. It is you and all of the Lightworkers standing firmly in their KNOWING that all is not as it seems that will give others the strength and courage, they will need to get through the days ahead.

A beautiful, magnificent future is waiting for all of you. Keep that image in the forefront of your mind and firmly in your heart! That is how you will create the New Earth. Don’t get caught up in the illusion, the matrix as it is often referred to. Your internal world is where you want to be, in that space of Love within your Heart and Soul. That is a space of Pure, Unconditional Love, Pure Peace, Pure Joy!

Never forget that we are here for you. All you have to do is make a conscious choice to connect with us. It is that simple. And we are waiting for that connection with great anticipation and excitement.

You are loved beyond measure,

Archangel Jophiel