Oh My Goodness
     What to say
          There is Poetry Coming Through…
Will it make sense?
     Not to know
          What All We Have For You…
We talk in Riddles & Rhymes
     With Feelings Galore…
          This is how we explain to you.
Much to say
     But we take it slow
          New Vibrations coming through…
We Love you Dearly
     Always Know
          Just how much we are a part of you!
Keep clearing your house of all the clutter
Leave no doubt of what we will utter
It is all Love from Us To You!
Through the valleys we must go for us to get to you.
We are near so get real clear…so we can integrate without fear.
What is coming is Beyond your Wildest Dreams!
Keep cleaning for the Love of We is for you… Because You are really ME.
We shall meet you soon…
                             From the Many through 
                                 JypsyJenn & Earth Magic!