3D or 5D Earth… Part One

Which Are YOU Living?!

The time is NOW, for choosing what world frequency you are living in. You are required to Live that Frequency, BE that Frequency, not just some of the time but ALL of the time as ALL IS NOW. We have been shown this split for many years and the Time is Here Energetically that supports YOUR CHOICE… What are you choosing?

Look at your actions, your belief systems, who you interact with, where you work, live and recreational time, how you treat your body (remember your Body IS Your Temple!). Do they align with what you perceive to be in a 5th Dimensional World Living?

By your choices and Your Choices Alone… You Are Choosing which world you are living in and create in. And YES, 3D and 5D are living side by side and intertwined at this moment to allow more choices to be made to live in the 5th Dimensional Earth.

Time is being given for allowance of conscious choices of your actions so you can solidify your choice of 5th Dimensional Earth, if this is what you choose.

It is obvious to some, but not to others, of what it is like living in 5D in comparison to 3D. We will leave some energetics in dimensions for you…

3rd Dimensional Living

Control, Greed, Anxiety, Stress, Fearful, Polluted Breathing, Lying, Cheating, Deceit, Hate, Destruction, Discrimination, living in a box unaware of the whole picture, abandonment, Easily Triggered, no desire for growth and change, not ever having enough, held back, stagnant, bored, not understanding Nature and its importance and the Importance of Life itself.

All the above energies you can find solutions to alleviate the issues. All you must do is bring in the opposite to balance out the extreme and eventually those lower energies dissipate and transform into a higher vibrating state… this may take work for some but just imagine living in a space clear of these lower energetic creations.

5th Dimensional Living

Attuned to Nature, Freedom, Unfearful of any challenge, Absence of Hate, Patience, Purity of Breath as Breath Is Life and is especially important… not just for the Breathers Body but for Nature itself, no discrimination just because you are different, Trust in yourself to know what is right and wrong, Exploration, Compassion, providing a Helping Hand, nurturing another when they need, community compatible, Understanding, Wisdom, Peace, Joy, Love

All of us right now must be extremely mindful of our actions and energetics as we are choosing our world. Once we solidify our 5D Earth we will begin to solidify the magnificent creations that work within the 5D Energies. 5D is a whole different ballgame from 3D therefore we are seeing the Extreme Situations Worldwide! We are not compatible with each other.

Be Mindful of ALWAYS doing the higher action as that is what creates your energy match into a 5th Dimensional World. But also remember to not be hard on yourself when you catch yourself in lower actions and frequencies. Awareness Heals and as you become aware of your actions, they become easier to modify before you act again. Take things slow, calm, and steady; becoming observant of every action you take. Is it serving a higher world or is it serving a low? It is very crucial as we move through the rest of 2021. This year is paving the way into Your Future… No one else’s but Yours. This is just how important YOU are. You are making a tremendous difference with all that you do. You are a Creator Being after all. What Are You Creating?!

Sometimes you may need to cry, get a little angry and frustrated… know that is OK as we are required to release these energies. This is all a part of growth and growth may be a little frustrating at times. Growth takes a lot of energy so take great care of you as you are UPGRADING Yourself out of the Old ways of living into a whole New Awareness of how creation works. Congratulate yourself when you notice you doing more right actions toward a higher state of living.

Once you are living in this higher state… then you will start pulling together and creating communities. Everyone will have their space and place to Be…

We will Unite in Love; not separate in fear.

5th Dimensional Beings are very in tune and understand how energetics work. Great care is given to frequencies as not to distort them again. Be Patient with Your Process. This will take many years to transition completely out of the 3rd Dimension. Until then… just keep being nice to each other. Allow our differences to just BE and Above All, Keep Looking Up… we always follow what we are looking at!


WE ARE ONE and never separated but your expression is unique so unique that only YOU have that special purpose. What a wonderous Universe, Creation and Expression You Are… We Are…

BE Mindful & Carry on…