2015 The Year of Balanced Lives

2015 The Year of Balanced Lives

Message from Archangel Gabriel

through Berena, New Years Eve 2014 

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be with you tonight. What a magnificent showing of souls, willing to come and anchor the energies for all to benefit from. You are blessed and honored in your role this day.

May we wish you a blessed and joyous New Year’s Eve. You have done magnificently. Because you have shifted and purged and so diligently transmuted energies, you are now containing light codes that would not have been possible at any other time on your planet. That is how profound what you have accomplished over this past year has been.

You are almost energetically unrecognizable from this time last year. In just one short year of your linear time, you have evolved so much! It is absolutely remarkable what you have accomplished and we are so thrilled and excited for each and every one of you. So take a moment to congratulate yourselves on a job very well done.

As you move forward into your celebrations of The New Year. Your focus will be all about celebrating and connecting with love, giving with generosity, appreciation, joy and unity. As you move through this very pivotal point, you are saving all of the progress that you have created in yourselves. You have created it. You are the ones who have shown up and done the work. You have elected to come into the body and be of service during this unprecedented time on your planet. These are your just rewards. So celebrate!

Many of you, are so hard on yourselves and you think you are never doing enough. Please, Dear Ones, celebrate! Enjoy what you have created! The celebration is well deserved.

Yes, we are saying that this is a time you can rest on your laurels for just a little while.

So as you lock in your progress, as you shift again with the influx of CHRISTD energies on your planet, and as you shift again into the energies of a brand new year, you will be poised to start truly reaping the benefits of all of your hard work.

So all of the purging and letting go, all of the shifting, all of the healing that you have been going through, has been in preparation for this New Year ahead of us.

Now that you have emptied out what was no longer your authentic self, you have made room to truly start to embody your divine truth, to embody your Christed selves, to enter into the energies of unconditional love. Do you see? You have finally given yourselves permission to love yourselves unconditionally and to feel that love be reflected right back to you.

You have made all of this room and created all these changes within your bodies to contain higher and higher energies, and from that work you have created the space to embody what you wish to experience more of.

It can be no other way. What you hold, what you contain now, can only be reflected back to you. And that is why, Dear Ones, you can look forward to 2015 being your year of balanced relationships. Does this not sound like a welcome shift for you?

So what does that mean? What does The Year of Balanced Relationships mean? It means that you are letting go of being out of balance in any way within yourselves. Many of you have swung wildly in your relationships with others from being too entangled, to not being entangled at all.

Many of you have been working hard to find balance in terms of service, how to be of appropriate service and truly help others by uplifting and empowering them.

With your wisdom, you have been learning how to know when to assist and when to accept and allow.

Many of you have just learned how to receive rather than just give.

Many of you are finally discovering that your needs and wellness are equally important as those who you are on the planet to serve.

You will be of service, and you will joyfully allow others to be of service to you. You are stepping, most importantly, into understanding your importance as a divine being and an integral part of the ebb and flow of the whole.

Many of you have learned how to accept yourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Many of you went from being completely separate and human to trying to live completely in the ethers and now you are becoming a delightful blend of both. You will also embody more balance by listening to your own innate divine wisdom from within, as well as acknowledging your guidance from above.

You are finding balance in your physical bodies by letting go of what doesn’t work for you any longer. So what many of you have found coming up is a lot of your old unresolved habits or issues coming up to the forefront. and you have found them to be completely intolerable to you. What a wonderful sign of how much growth you have attained!

You are no longer trying to make change because you know it is right or good for you. That is attempting to change from the mind. You are now operating from your hearts and things that do not honor you any longer simply do not fit. It is not a matter of making changes because you should, it is making changes because the old ways are completely unacceptable at this point and they do not match who you are any longer.

That is exactly what you have been waiting for! From embracing your divine blueprint, your body will be balancing and experiencing healing as well. So now that you know what is just no longer an option for you, you can start looking forward to your future and creating what you want.

What do balanced relationships look like to you?

They will honor you. They will uplift you. They will celebrate you and support you being in your authenticity and your continued growth and expansion.

You will be stepping into the dance of love, understanding that what you hold you draw, what you give you receive.

It is like becoming part of the pulse of your planet, taking in, giving out, in beautiful balance, understanding that what serves the one serves the whole, and what serves the whole serves the one.

Beautiful balance, Dear Ones! You will be letting go of your own victim consciousness and your tendency to support the victim consciousness of others. Understanding that each person has a team of helpers and a universe that is assisting them.

You will acknowledge that they are powerful creators themselves and by honoring them in that, you will only bring greater balance to your life and give them the opportunity to find their own balance in their lives as well.

The relationships that you have had that held no joy, no appreciation are a thing of the past. You will find yourselves effortlessly drawing in friendships that are based on supporting each other rather than one giving and one taking all the time.

Fair weather friends will no longer appeal. You may settle for having fewer friends, but the friends that you embrace will have a far greater energetic resonance to you and will be joyful, encouraging and uplifting.

Since you have worked so hard with your definition of different relationships right across the board, you will now find that your love relationships will shift profoundly. For many of you this will mean bringing in a divine other.

Many first wave human beings of light have been living very solitary existences. This will change in the year of 2015, because you are ready. You are ready to give and to take, to love and to receive. You understand that living through the heart is the way to navigate.

Balanced relationships mean that you can enter into surrender and flow and see that reflected back to you.

You have worked hard in your faith and your trust, and because of that you will be secure that the relationships that come to you are a true and magnificent reflection of who you are, and you will leave your old relationship baggage behind once and for all.

Once you have done the work, there would be no point in continuing the difficult love relationship themes that you’ve had. They no longer serve a purpose for you.

You can release abandonment, release fear, release betrayal, release conditional love. Those are old energies.

You will be seeking out partners of similar levels of integrity – true energetic matches that make your heart sing and vibrate in harmony together. These will be connections like you have never experienced before.

You will also be experiencing deeper connections with your environment, nature, all living creatures, your beloved planet, with all the planets, with the entire universe.

These are things that you have never experienced this profoundly in the body before. You will be shimmering with energetic brilliance and seeing the divinity in each and every molecule around you.

This is what you’ve been working for. These are the divine times that you have been promised. You simply have to look around with New eyes to see. You have earned this, you have created this, and you have anchored this. It is your time to shine! It is time to live heart-centered lives of joy, grace, ease, satisfaction, unconditional love and unity. And to allow yourselves to step into being the masters that you ALL are.

I ask you to join fully with Your Own Magnificent I am Presence, Your Personal Support Teams – Guides – Angels and Archangels and The Magnificent Creator of All That Is, in this coming year and Co-Create a world where there is Beauty, Grace, Harmony, Freedom, Justice and Abundance for all, including yourself!

It is your time. 2015 is yours, Dear Ones. You get to choose what you do with it. You can create anew. The canvas is in front of you and we cannot wait to see the brilliance that you will paint upon it.

This is our fondest wish and message for you this day. It has been our great pleasure.

I AM Archangel Gabriel