Rhonda Lightfoot

Reiki Master, Energy Healing Facilitator



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Spiritual healing energy comes through me directly from God, Great Spirit, the Universe. It travels through time and space so that distance healing is very effective. I have personally experienced energy healing which changed my life. It is this energy and the all encompassing Love that healed my addiction. I am guided to share my knowledge, skills and gifts with others. Each session is unique to each person and utilizes one or more of my healing modalities listed below. Please contact me if you would like a session or would just like to ask me any questions you may have. I am here to be of service.

Holy Fire III Reiki/Master

This is a very strong yet gentle energy. Reiki healing allows me to assist clients to work through the removal of emotional blocks and provide relief of physical pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, fear, anger and much more.

Sekhem Energy Healing

This energy comes from Ancient Egypt and is Pure Love right from the heart. Very powerful. I was a healer in the Temples of Ancient Egypt and this energy has been reactivated in this life.

Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

As a shamanic practitioner I travel to different worlds, lower, middle and upper to get answers and healing for the client. This includes Soul Retrieval. Bringing back soul fragments that left during a trauma. Soul loss causes depression, addiction, phobias, relationship issues and much more.


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