Penny Cordet

Penny Cordet is a healing energy specialist in The Colony TX

Certified DNA 1, 2 and Advanced DNA Theta Healing Practitioner since 2005, and is clairvoyant, and clairaudient.

Theta Healing

Our feelings and emotions are the result of our beliefs which reside in our subconscious, and have a direct effect on our body functions, health and life experiences. Our body’s energy healing communication systems can be compromised by destructive thoughts and feelings from limiting beliefs, even if you don’t consciously know you have these beliefs. Each limited belief has a vibratory interference pattern that distorts our subtle energy field. When blocks and destructive beliefs are resolved, it allows the person to completely step into their power. The energy that has been sabotaging & keeping you stuck on old patterns is transmuted and replaced with empowering beliefs on all four subconscious levels. Core-conscious/subconscious, Genetic-DNA ancestral, History—past life + collective unconscious, and Soul-chronic deeply embedded beliefs pulled off the completeness of the person.

During a Theta Healing session, we find root causes of negative experiences and unhappiness in our lives. Then we change the underlying core programs and beliefs, transforming us and bringing us health, peace, happiness, wealth, and personal growth.

A Theta Healing session can:

  • Release emotional trauma
  • Negative reactions to people and events can be changed
  • Remove fears and anxieties
  • Allow acceptance of change and growth
  • Resentment, grudges and hatred can be removed
  • Change an unpleasant attitude to a pleasant one

Theta Healing works to permanently clear unwanted beliefs. Theta Healing practitioners are certified in a highly refined technique of focused meditation Theta Brainwave (4-7 cycles per second) which connects with the Divine Source to witness physical and emotional healing thereby facilitating powerful transformations in your life. Theta Healing encompasses kinesiology, client dialoging and psychic viewing.

Penny is available every 3rd Sunday.  By Appointment on other days.
Energy Exchange: $125 per session
Please call 214-385-1784 to schedule an appointment.

Cancellation Policy: 48 hour notice on all cancellations otherwise payment is due. Thank you for your understanding.
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Introduction to Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a direct focused meditation lowering the brain waves to Theta. Working with Divine Source facilitating powerful transformations in your life by identifying negative beliefs and transmuting them, you no longer are a victim of these unconscious beliefs. These are beliefs that are opinions, beliefs the unconscious believes to be true, not your actual highest truth.

Our feelings and emotions are a result of our beliefs which reside in our subconscious and have a direct effect on our body functions, health and life experiences. We all have a hundred trillion cells in our body and they are receptive to energy. Thoughts feelings, and beliefs are all energy and the energy healing communication system can be compromised by destructive thoughts and feelings from limiting beliefs.

When you believe something to be true whether it’s actually true or not, the universe brings to you the proof to back up these beliefs whether they are conscious or unconscious. For example: if you believe consciously or unconsciously that you are flawed, bad, a sinner, evil, defective and as a result deserve to be punished you experience life in a way that conforms to that such as things not working out for you like relationships, career, health, finances, and even spiritually even though consciously, intellectually you know this is not correct.

It is important to understand that all the obstructions in our lives are rooted in our internal blocks. How many of us have blamed people or factors outside ourselves? Even problems that appear to be outside of us are reflecting back problems we have inside. Once we address the inner issues, the outer problems disappear. We claim our power when we accept responsibility for our lives. If you don’t change your response to negative experiences, you carry the past into the now and sabotage yourself. We are all creating our own experience right here and now, whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not. Your results are always and only coming to you through your: thoughts, your feelings, your words and your actions, and your beliefs, they all equal your results.

Theta Healing works on four subconscious levels: the Soul-programs that are deep and powerful if they have made it this far and are pulled off the completeness of the person, History-doorway connected to all the lives that we exist on in the past, present and future simultaneously, Genetic- where ancestral beliefs reside, and Core-what we are taught and accept as truth from conception to the present, in this lifetime.

In a Theta Healing session we find root causes of destructive experiences and beliefs and change the core programs which bring about the conditions to create peace, happiness, radiant health, happiness, joy and personal growth.

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