Keola Conner

Clyde (Keolamaikalani) Conner

Native Spiritual Healer

Knowledgeable in many healing modalities. Connected to Spirit, I assist people to become balanced (Lokahi) in mind, body and spirit, helping them to release trauma/negative emotions from their past. My form of cultural teaching and healing is primarily based on Aunty Mornah Simeona’s (well-respected Kahuna) works and teachings.

Clearing Sessions 1 Hour: $200

16yrs and younger: $125

Only Skype Sessions at this time. Please call Keola and Tam directly to book your session 469.236.8980 or 808.782.6767. Thank You!

Release negative emotions, limiting beliefs, resolve conflicts (Ho’oponopono) with people, places and things, remove emotional blocks, release trauma/negative /limiting beliefs related to fear of failure, rejection, abandonment, undeserving and/or unworthy, emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt from your past, including phobias. Resolve conflicts with people, places and things including self and Spirit.

The Clearing Session also teaches you to:

  • Ground
  • Protection
  • Not be affected by other people’s emotions
  • Quiet your mind
  • How to establish and keep proper connections to others


C.L. (Keola) Conner

My respect within the community and past experience in community service and organizations, have allowed me the opportunity to touch people in all walks of life. Some of my life experiences are listed below:

1977-1995: Managed Kahuku Farms: second generation farmer

1995-2005: Owner of Kahuku Farms

12 Years: President of Kahuku Farmers Association

2 Years: Kahuku Community Association board member

1985-2011: Koolauloa Lions Club member

2009 & 2012: Presented at the 23rd and 26th World Congress of Illumination; Tucson, AZ and Kauai, Hawaii

2007-2010: Consultant for D.O.E., Central District, Science Based Behavioral Health (SBBH) Division

2007: Selected as one of the healers from Hawaii to go to India to experience and share healing cultural practices

2013: Invited to Alaska to work on Veterans with PTSD

2007: International Building Bridges Conferences; Calgary Canada

After receiving my spiritual awakening in 2005, I retired from farming to peruse my calling. I have studied many healing modalities to understand how other healing cultural practices work. (Western, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian to name a few) Since 2005 I have been helping people become balanced (Lokahi) in mind, body and spirit. (Basically helping them release trauma/negative emotions from their past). My form of cultural teaching and healing is primarily based on Aunty Morrnah (Well respected Kahuna) Simeona’s works and beliefs.

2005-Present: La’au kahea (Hawaiian Energetic Healing) and Ho’oponopono (conflict resolution) practitioner

2006: Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner/Master Practitioner

2007: Ordained Minister in the Universal Ministries

Though I have studied many different healing modalities, some of my most profound teachings have come from spirit and I use these teachings to touch the masses.

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