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A Clearing and Blessing is a spiritual healing and purification of an important place in your life; your home, your workplace, or any place where you spend time. The purpose of a Clearing and Blessing is to bring harmony, clarity, peace, protection and prosperity into the space. It is performed within a ceremony that you can participate in. A clearing and blessing can be performed as many times as it is needed. It is also suitable for temporary facilities that you may use or rent for a reception or other social event.

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A Professional House Clearing is a complex process, and it is recommended to be done when you are buying or selling a new home or when you feel heavy dense energy. This process clears every room, identifies any negative energy drafts, reroutes energy flow, rids the house of negative energy spots, and places energetic boundaries along the outside of the home in case negative energy is coming from the street or the neighboring houses.

Selling a Home? A Clearing and Blessing can shift, heal and transform the energy in and around your home and property to bring the right buyers.

Benefits of a House or Business Blessing

A properly performed clearing and blessing will compassionately dispel and heal the energies that create stress, disharmony, or make you feel not-at-ease in your home or workplace. Clearing and Blessings will freshen and revitalize your home and business. We will welcome in fresh and pure energies that will allow you to feel better and think more clearly. When the obstructions are removed and healed, harmony and increased prosperity will follow. Good karma and good luck will follow.

Residual Energy

Some energies from previous residents always remain in a home. Those energies could be from depression, anger, grief, ill health and so on, and they can impact the people who move into the home. The energy of the home may be low, dull or may incite outbreaks of anger for example. Sometimes people don’t understand why they are feeling this way, but they know something is wrong.

Even a newly built home that has never been lived in can have discordant energies from the history of land, prior structures, the neighborhood, the builders, the realtors and even from prior political disputes over land use issues, etc. The design of the house itself may have some physical energy blockage issues that cause discordant energy to linger and should be corrected too.

On what occasions should a house be cleared and blessed?

A Clearing and Blessing can be done any time for any reason. A home is a place in which we should feel comfortable, safe, protected, and welcome. We want a home in which we can relax, a home that is refreshing; a home where we can feel clear and be in harmony with others. The goal is to ensure that the flow of energy within the home is harmonious and will benefit the people (and pets) that live there. What could be better than that? Clearing and Blessing a home, office or any facility used for a gathering of people can prevent disharmony and make things flow in a more positive direction for all.

When a Property Clearing & Blessing would be Beneficial

Selling Your Home: Blessing the home at the time you list it for sale and prior to open houses. This will clear and correct energies that may deter a buyer and will instead project an inviting and welcoming energy to the prospective buyer. Properly blessed homes sell quicker and with a higher asking price.
Moving In: Moving into a new residence, house, apartment or work space.
Buying or Selling a Foreclosed Home: Heal, repair, and transform energy into your new home or business. Bring peace, harmony, prosperity.
Gatherings: Clearing and Blessing the home following housewarming parties or other social gatherings.
Remodeling: Clearing and Blessing a new room addition or remodeling project. Bless it before you start the project and clear and bless it upon completion to remove any negative energy and to integrate the new space into the home.
Baby: Bless the home to harmoniously welcome the arrival of a new baby or adopted child.
Disharmony: Clearing and Blessings should be done anytime there is disharmony in the home or neighborhood.
Finances: Clearing and Blessings should be done anytime one is having financial difficulties. Blessing will remove obstacles to prosperity and allow the flow of money energies.
Weddings: Clearing and Blessings can be done at other locations such as blessing the reception hall before the guests arrive.
Moving Out: Clearing and Blessings should be done before moving out of a residence to give thanks, clear attachments, to find completion and begin anew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should my home be cleared and blessed?

A: Your home should be cleared and blessed as often as it is needed. If you live in an urban neighborhood where there are late night activities and noise, then it will need regular clearing. These energies can filter back through over time.

If your work or travel puts you in daily contact with large crowds and/or people who have discordant energies, then you can bring some of those energies back home with you. Some examples of places that you can pick up discordant energies are hospitals, clinics, public transportation, taverns, bars, conventions, hotels and motels, theaters, festivals, sports arenas, etc.

If you feel discordant energy at home, then it is time to clear again.

If things are not going well for you, then it is time to clear again.

If you are feeling depressed, or angry, then it is time to clear and again.

Q: Can I clear and bless my house myself?

A: Yes you can. A House Cleansing is something anyone can do. Create a sacred ceremony to call in all your guiding ones to assist and protect you. State your intent. Light a dried sage bundle or loose sage and burn it while walking through your home. Be sure to cover all corners and closets. Sage absorbs negative energy and leaves additional healing vibrations in the home. When you are finished Thank your guides for assisting you. I cleanse my home once a month and would suggest that everyone else do so as well. Be prepared though – sage also clears negative energy on or in a person, so you may experience a personal clearing afterward.

We sell sage in our store and will explain how to do this… just ask!

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