We Are Open!

We look forward to seeing everyone!!!

We are open regular hours 11 am to 7 pm Tuesday thru Saturday and 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday…closed on Monday’s. If you have any questions you may call us at 214.385.1784 or email

Bare with us as we are heading into new grounds. Events have been on hold and we will re-evaluate events as we move into June. We will have to watch the flow of people and monitor cleanliness and distancing. Thank you for your understanding with this matter…

Happy times ahead…. See you soon!

On-Line Booking will come back at a later date… call or email to schedule!

Book an Appointment Online

For your convenience, you may schedule your appointment online. Simply follow these steps to book your appointment online. If you prefer, you may also call Lightworker’s Sanctuary at (214) 385-1784 to book an appointment.

  1. Select a service from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click the “Show available times” button.
  3. Click an available date on the calendar.
  4. Choose a time for your appointment.
  5. Enter your contact information in the fields shown.
  6. Click the “Click here to confirm your appointment” button.
  7. Click the “Please confirm $XX.XX payment…” button, which will take you to a secure Paypal payment portal. You can pay with a paypal account, or enter your credit or debit directly into the payment portal.

Once you’ve paid for your appointment, you’re all set! We will send you a confirmation email with your appointment details, along with a reminder email the day before your appointment is scheduled.

Please note: To complete the booking process and reserve your appointment, you must click the final “Please confirm $XX.XX payment…” button. This will take you to a secure Paypal payment portal, where you can pay for your appointment by debit or credit card, or with a Paypal account.

If you would prefer to pay by cash (in store) or over the phone, or if you have any other questions about booking an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call Lightworker’s Sanctuary at (214) 385-1784 for assistance.

Please see this page for our cancellation policy.

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