Book Signing & Introduction to ‘The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin’ with Robyn Edwards

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Created by Trinity Table Experience

2 pm - 4 pm

The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin is the benchmark of knowledge for the New Golden Age and awakened consciousness of New Earth.

And, it is for “seekers of Truth” who love knowledge and wish to re-learn the understanding of Divinity and the Truth of what the “Self” is.

The book is a study of the Universe of Self; we are a fractal pattern of God’s Being, God’s cosmos. It explains how we are the Universe, what our Body and Blood is, what space and time are and how we evolve with and as the Universe, and through our own individualized Body and Blood, as One. The book shows through meditative journeys, how the truth of our Being is accessible through the Heart, and it brings forth this truth that is known in the higher dimensions. We only need to expand these truths into our dimensions to expand the Light of Truth through them, raising the consciousness of the All.

As the book is dedicated to understanding how the Godhead is present as and through our four lower bodies, this book is invaluable to healers. Its insight brings forth higher understanding of how ‘source energy’, which the Kabbalists call the Light of Ein Sof, not only flows through our four lower bodies but is produced in our body, as we are created in the image of the Godhead. Then how that energy is qualified by every individual uniquely and how that forms the very fingerprint of our DNA.

The book changes the way we see ourselves, explaining how we are ALL of space-time. It delves into the understanding of Alpha and Omega and the Universe which is our Being. It describes the true and purified Chakras and the 12 Rays of God’s awareness of Self that are stored in and flow through the chakra system. This knowledge forms the foundation of understanding how God is present through all of space-time, our four lower bodies.

It brings forth the gnosis of the Ancient Egyptian Creation story and the facets of God that were made manifest here on Earth. Through them, Robyn tells the story of ‘What we are’. Ancient societies such as the Ancient Egyptians knew and lived this Wisdom, as enlightened Christ Conscious Beings.

In order to heal and to create in the Fullness of Self, that brings forth and sustains the consciousness of the New Golden Age, we can no longer support old limited patterns and beliefs. In order to create from the fullness of our being, we must re-learn the Truth of our Being, and create from there.

Opening the heart to this Ancient Wisdom is the key to healing from a higher consciousness and consciousness directs energy, forming the expanded enlightened kaleidoscope of our Being and worlds. This book is a must for healers!

    The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin;  Three Parts to the One, all accessed through the Heart.
Part One: As the foundation of the understanding of God Being, Saint Germain takes us through the 7 outer chakras of God Awareness of Self and on into the 8th Secret Chamber of the Heart Chakra.
Part Two: The expansion of the Secret Chamber of the Heart to encompass the whole, shows the truth of our Being and the transformation process of Ascension and Resurrection into the Diamond Body.
Part Three: Is a comprehensive understanding of Alpha and Omega, the Universe of Self and how it is brought forth; the facets of the Godhead that compose the human body, the understanding of the Ancient Egyptian Creation Story, the platonic solids that compose our etheric body, the consciousness of the atom, the understanding of the Eye of God and the name of God unmanifest as the Tetragrammaton. The fields of potentiality continue to expand through the knowledge of the understanding of how the name of God is “made manifest” through the most evolved understanding of the Open Handed Yod, known as the “Chart of the I AM Presence”.

FREE EVENT – Book Signing & Introduction to ‘The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin’ with Robyn Edwards

Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 2 – 4 pm

Please RSVP if you plan on attending so we can prepare the space…Thank You!

We do have books available at Lightworker’s Sanctuary OR you can purchase E-Book from the website

If you purchase a book prior to this event bring it to the event and have Robyn sign it.

*No purchase is required for this free event as you will still gain a lot of new wisdom!

BIO Robyn Mary Edwards

In 2012, while living in Dallas Texas, Robyn embarked on a new journey and chapter of her experience and began to look within for direction and guidance.

On this inner journey, Saint Germain slowly showed Robyn more and more of her true Self, until during a meditation in 2013 Saint Germain and Robyn melded their etheric bodies to become One, and to reveal the Truth of her Being, as his Twin Flame, Lady Portia. 

It was there that the true inner journey began and Robyn started writing and illustrating the doctrines of The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin, together with her Beloved Saint Germain and the Universal All. 

The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin, is the benchmark of knowledge for the New Golden Age and awakened consciousness of New Earth. It is a visionary journey of Ancient Wisdom revealing the truth of the Universe of Self, the mysteries of God that empower God given potential and the Victory of Resurrection and Ascension. 

Come and join us as Robyn introduces the book, sharing the unfolding journey of the understanding of our Divinity through the comprehensive understanding of Alpha and Omega, the True chakras, the platonic solids, the consciousness of the atom, the understanding of space-time, all the while paving the way into the understanding of how we evolve through our spherical Body and Blood of the Self.


This book is first and foremost a work of love. The words are love in manifestation, and the images compliment the same love in clear and colorful explanations. The incredible wisdom in this book is clarity. Clarity brings understanding, and understanding returns you to the love that this book expresses. What is the love expressed in this book? The Spiritual Love that unites us to our understanding of why Hue Mans are miracles of perfection. We are not only perfect emanations of God energy as mirrored “I AMs”, we are engineered in symbolic geometric perfection through love to return to God’s love.

Robyn Edwards does a magnificent job explaining the details of why we are full limitless potential of the self. And why “We are birthed with the full Divinity of the Godhead and are God acting in our world as individual expressions of life, with the freedom to be our unique and individualized Immaculate Conception and the fullness of our Divinity.” Wow! As spiritual beings, we choose through free will to connect with God through our hearts. This heart love connection, as explained by the Author, is where Eastern Religions and Western Religions meet in the middle. It is time that love removes all boundaries and limitations, and we learn to appreciate God’s love in us and through all aspects of the Godhead energy in us. In loving our perfection, we will love the perfection of others, and the miracle that is God in all aspects of creation and perfect manifestation.

This book is life changing. Every page connects the dots. What we thought was mysterious is now clear and logical. We are Creators with a perfect balance of Alpha and Omega energy. Alpha and Omega not being the lesser meaning, “the beginning and the end”, but rather the perfect balance in Male (Alpha) and Female (Omega) energy that brought forth the Son, our Christ Consciousness. The Body and the Blood that freely circulates in the Heart of the I AM and returns us to all aspects of Universal Love. We are all Sacred Geometry and truly a God within a God, and this book explains every detail of why this is so. This book is revolutionary, a must in all libraries, and priceless in truth and knowledge that has been robbed from us for so long. This book will be read and studied many times. It is a must for anyone seeking true spiritual understanding.

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