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Created by Trinity Table Experience

2 - 4 PM

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This circle is a place to come together and share what we are experiencing in our lives at this time. Change is upon us and Humanity is Evolving, and this change is inevitable. We come together to find solutions that will help us through these challenging times, find our courage and lose our fears…and of course share the Greatness too.

The conversations may have different topics & open-ended discussions. No judgement’s as we are all equal in this circle. The guidelines below explain the flavor of this discussion group…

Lights of the Round Table
Circle Guidelines 

  • Spirituality encompasses the belief that we are all connected and derived from Source, The Universe, God etc…as it resonates with you.
  • The intention for each participant is to share your truth in a manner of compassion, kindness and for the highest good of all.
  • We are in a place of cooperation not competition and all in attendance have equal value.
  • A moderator will be designated but all will contribute to keeping to the current topic at hand.
  • This circle is a safe place in which to share your thoughts and inspirations as we all agree to be respectful and considerate.
  • What goes on in the circle stays in the circle.

I agree to participate and follow these guidelines of sharing.

When: 2nd Sunday each month

Time: 2 –  4 pm

Energy Exchange: $11

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