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The Ascension Pyramid

This Ascension Pyramid is a newer energy construction, holding the newly discovered Field of Neutrality.

Below is brief channeled information on the pyramid, as channeled by Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three.  The information is simply Brian Besco’s (the pyramids creator) limited transcriptions of questions answered.

  • Clearing, brings in light, steps all soul aspects higher.
  • Shifts all aspects out of duality reality.
  • With the space of neutrality, we step in and releasing traumas dramas and junk.  Which we have to, to raise vibrations.
  • Surrender being able to step in knowing your soul is doing the work, whatever that work is for each person
  • Can’t step in with intent, or will no longer be in neutrality.   The Soul already knows what the intent is… Focusing on what intent is from your perspective will collapse the field.
  • Pure, infinite light
  • Space of neutrality is everything that we are and everything that will be.
  • Extremely high vibe, but in comfort.
  • Comes through the body as well your reality.
  • No thought no feelings just there
  • Being there, holding that space
  • Can hold someone in there with you holding the person in neutrality and simply allowing
  • After finding space of neutrality bring it into body again, hold it here for as long as you feel.
  • Everything and nothing.

Energy Exchange: $22 per 15-minutes
(1st session 15-minutes only)

Please call 214.385.1784 to schedule your time!

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Feb 22 2024


11:30 am - 6:00 pm
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