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Light Circle with Paula Baldock and Linda Capuano

Light Circle

7:30 to 9:30

“You can’t pull someone out of quicksand by stepping into it with them.”

That was given to me this morning as I was contemplating how to explain what we do in the Light Circle. When we get together each month our beautiful, benevolent family in the Higher Realms steps forward to share powerful messages that are intended to help us navigate these turbulent times. They share a Higher Perspective than we can see with our 3D vision and perceptions. With their help, we have a clearer vision of how we can help Humanity at this time.

If you’re like me, you have to constantly remind yourself that God is in charge and there is a Divine Plan unfolding that will serve to lift all of Humanity into a place of ultimate Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance for all. That “knowing” is what gets me through the day and keeps my vibration high. That is the most important thing we can do right now—keep our vibrations high.

When Lightworkers come together, we not only raise our own vibration, but we also raise the vibration of the entire collective of humanity and the Earth. That is the purpose of the Light Circle. That is why we begin the evening with a powerful meditation that encompasses the entire planet in Divine Light. Together, we are helping to heal this magnificent Earth and all that exists upon her. According to the Beings of Light, when we send Love and Healing Light out to the world it has a far greater impact than we can ever imagine.

Following the meditation, Linda and I will channel messages from our Beloved Family of Light. We have found over the years that the messages that come through are always perfect for the people in attendance.

Whether you are new on the path of a Lightworker or have been on the path for many years, join us and add your beautiful Light to the Circle. Be prepared for an evening of fun and enlightenment as we help to heal ourselves and all of humanity.

Love and Light to you all!

Below are some clips of the messages from the May Light Circle:

Beloved Archangel Gabriel, channeled by Linda
We are all here. We are all working with you.  We did not come to do it for you. We came because you turned yourselves around and found your way out of the influence of the darkness.  There will be a great celebration at the time that Earth will absolutely Ascend and take all of the Lightworkers with her who wish to be in that vibration – a great celebration across the Universe because as the Earth ascends, all of the other planets will ascend as well. We are so grateful for you and this wonderous work that you have accomplished. 

Beloved Ashtar, channeled by Paula
In these coming times , dear ones, there is still going to be upheaval. Truth shall be revealed, and the world will be shocked and stunned. We are here to talk to you about remaining calm in the chaos. The greatest assistance you can give to your fellow humans and to all that exists upon this planet is your ability to remain steadfast and calm. You do this by knowing the Divine Plan is unfolding and all is well. Your getting caught up in the chaos will not serve you or anyone else. It is so important that you remain calm despite what you see going on around you.

Exchange:  $22

Short Bios:
Paula Baldock is a wayshower and has been facilitating groups such as the Light Circle for over a dozen years. She was a student of esoteric teachings for several years. Her greatest joy is channeling Light-filled messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters and sharing the wisdom she has gained from their teaching over the years.  She is dedicated to helping others to remember their own magnificence.

Linda Capuano is, at heart, a teacher and facilitator.  This was discovered while she worked in the field of management training and employee involvement.  These skills led her to Hypnotherapy, energy healing and Channeling in the early 2000’s.  Since that time she has studied with the Ascended Masters and Archangels to develop a much broader perspective of the “real” world and the Truth of who we really are.  She feels honored and privileged to share the processes that bring forth these Truths.


Oct 09 2021


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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