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“It’s Time to Remember Who You Are” Facilitated by Paula Baldock

“It’s Time to Remember Who You Are”
Facilitated by Paula Baldock

This earth and its humanity are entering into the “I AM” Age, and therefore the full use of this “I AM” Knowledge must be understood and utilized by the individuals who live here in the present and near future.
Godfre Ray King, from the book “I AM Discourses”

You are not here on this beautiful Earth by accident. Each of us chose (and were chosen for) this lifetime because we knew we could make a difference. Of course, we come in with amnesia and it took decades (for some of us) to begin to remember that we came here for a reason. The minute we realized and recognized that we are a Lightworker, our Spiritual Journey began in earnest. That journey has been unique for each of us, but in this particular journey, all roads end up in the same place…the 5th Dimension.

I titled these classes “It’s Time to Remember Who You Are” because I believe that we are going into some really challenging times and it’s going to take our remembrance/knowing of who we really are and our solid connection to our “I AM Presence” to navigate through these times with as little stress and distress as possible. It’s time to truly step into our Sovereignty. It’s no longer acceptable to just be “Love and Light.” It’s time to be super-conscious of our thoughts, words, and actions. It’s time to get serious about changing how we see ourselves and our world.

In these classes we cover a different topic each month that is intended to assist you to better understand about who you are and your role as a way-shower and change-maker.

As always, I look forward to sharing this information with you. Energetically, we are on a fast-paced trajectory, so the more we can Remember Who We Are, the quicker we can create our Heaven on Earth.

Class Fee:  $22 prepaid
Please pre-register so Paula will have the proper amount of handouts.

Date:  November 6, 2022 will be last class this year
Time:  5:30 pm

Paula’s Bio:  Paula is a wayshower and has been facilitating Spiritual groups and classes for over a dozen years. She was a student of esoteric teachings for several years. Her greatest joy is channeling Light-filled messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters.  She is dedicated to helping others to remember their own magnificence.

Testimonials from previous students:

“Paula’s class changed me in ways I don’t think I yet fully comprehend. It has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I share what I learned there with anyone who will listen and the positive changes I have seen in myself, and my life have radiated to those around me. I am so very excited for what the future holds as I continue to learn and grow along this new lighted path, illuminated for me by Paula’s teaching and wisdom. My entire perspective on this life’s experiences has dramatically shifted in the absolute best ways. Thank you, Paula, for sharing your gifts and your light with me!”
All of my love, Jordan

“Ms. Paula is a wonderful teacher who has a pure shining heart. Her class has changed my life and helped me realize that I am in control as a co-creator with the creator and how to transform negative circumstances. I feel alive more than ever and more connected with my angels after my class. I learned how to be in control of my spiritual gifts and can use it to heal and transform myself first, then the world. Thank you Ms. Paula.”

“I’m so grateful I found Paula as a guide on my metaphysical and spiritual journey. In addition to the high vibrational energy, I soak up just being around her, I learned so much about the metaphysical world and opening up to channeling. She is knowledgeable and a joy to be around!”

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Oct 02 2022


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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