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Beginners Astrology: Read Your Own Birth Chart

Tracy Darling, Astrologer

Lightworkers Sanctuary, The Colony

Saturday, August 20th 11:30am to 5:30pm

Cost: $70 per Student ~ Class Maximum: 9 Students

Please provide your date, place, and exact time of birth when you sign up.

This class is for previous Astro Intro attendees and anyone wishing to learn basic astrology in a small group of curiosity seekers.

You will receive your birth chart and several handouts digitally delivered by email attachment prior to class. You can use the digital version in class. *Please Note: If you prefer a printed version, it is your responsibility to print it before class. Thank you for understanding that Lightworkers Sanctuary is unable to print it for you. Also, bring paper, pens, a snack, and water.

Follow the class with your chart in hand to learn the basic structure of your unique celestial blueprint. We will circle around, discussing all charts.


What Is Astrology? * Basic Chart Structure * Elements * Modalities * Rulership * Zodiac Signs * The Ascendant * Planets and Their Cycles * Houses **Short Break at 2:30 pm** Angles & Quadrants * Retrogrades * Lunar Nodes * Basic Aspect Insights * Art of Timing * Basics of Progressions and Transits * Summing It All Up

This celestial workshop provides a solid astrology foundation so you can delve deeper. It will not turn you into an overnight astrologer.

*  Space is limited to 9 people. Payment is due at registration. 

An intermediate class may be offered later if there is sufficient interest.


My first formal astrology classes launched within me a never-ending love affair for all things celestial and cosmic. That was 43 years ago, way back in 1979, in a small sunny town in southern Germany. The week-long intensive stimulated a perception shift and expansion of my world view. My life changed completely in a way I could only see in hindsight.

My heart resonates with the celestial rhythms and geometries in a horoscope. Blending astrology and wisdom to help people explore and awaken to their unique star map and limitless potential is my greatest joy.

I have studied astrology with many world-renowned teachers over several decades and have a private astrological counseling practice and a plan to teach more astrology. I am an ordained ULC minister and have a Bachelor of Esoteric Sciences.

It is a true honor to present astrology at Lightworkers Sanctuary at this pivotal time on planet Earth as fifth dimensional frequencies and the long-awaited Golden Age unfold for humanity.


Aug 20 2022


11:30 am - 5:30 pm
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