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“Know Thyself” was inscribed in the forecourt at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, ancient Greece. There is no better way to start to ‘know thyself’ than to take a deep dive and delve into your starry signature by exploring the essence of your unique horoscope. Astrology is the language of the cosmos, and our stars live within us. Your birth chart is your blueprint and is as unique as you are. Let’s explore your cosmic snapshot in time.

What to expect in a private session with Tracy:

We explore your unique birth chart from the perspective of the soul’s journey, patterns your soul hopes to heal, accomplishments your soul wishes to achieve in this lifetime, and any potential gifts and challenges you brought with you. We will also look at current progressions and transits to see what is activating for you now and into the near future, adding celestial inspirations to assist you with any current issues based on your star chart. This is a very personal and individualized soul growth session.

When booking a session, please provide Lightworkers Sanctuary with the following info so Tracy can erect your chart: Full date, place, and exact time of birth. If you have no idea of the time, we can still do your chart but the more exact it is the deeper we can go.

Hours Available on Sunday, January 30th, 11 am – 3:30 pm

1-Hour Reading $125 (pre-payment due at booking)

Call 214.385.1784 to book your session!

About Tracy Darling – Capricorn Sun ~ Leo Moon ~ Aquarius Ascendant

For over 40 years I have traveled many rivers and streams of consciousness, visited sacred sites, and followed healing and wisdom teachings and teachers on my quest for Divine Truth and Radiant Light, to grow my soul and be a lighthouse on this planet.

My heart has always resonated with the celestial rhythms and geometries of astrology, and my passion is to help treasured souls to awaken and align with their unique cosmic blueprint through astrology blended with wisdom. I’ve studied astrology with many world-renowned teachers over the past several decades. I was ordained by and received a Bachelor of Esoteric Sciences from the Esoteric Seminary of ICAW in 1993, am an ordained ULC minister, and have a private astrological counseling practice. It is a true honor to bring astrology to Lightworkers Sanctuary at this pivotal time on planet Earth as fifth dimensional frequencies and the long-awaited Golden Age unfold for humanity.

Along with my beloved husband, Wayne Lone Eagle Darling, I have attended many expos and fairs around Texas for 25 years, offering aura photography, sacred jewelry, crystals, and wisdom sessions.

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