What is the Crystal Healing Mask?

CrystalMaskImageWhat is the Crystal Healing Mask?

The crystal mask is a tool of healing which amplifies the light within the body.  A connection is made with the light source of the universe using the crystals as a special conduit.  Light waves that are broken disrupt the proper functioning of the body. With proper use, the crystal mask clears the way for these light channels to be mended restoring the body to new levels of health.

How Does the Crystal Healing Mask Work?

Use of the crystal mask offers a connection for pureness or wholeness to be manifested in the body.  Amplifying the light within the body transmutes the parts of the being that are not functioning at their ideal vibration.

Crystal Mask Therapy creates living healthy restoration of the body through light.  The Crystal mask heals by amplifying the light within the body.

With proper placement of the Quartz Healing mask on the face, the energy of the quartz is released, allowing the body to let go of stress paving the way for healing.  This is true for the Clear Crystal Quartz and the Rose Quartz Crystal mask.

The Clear Quartz works by balancing the body’s energy system.  The clear quartz seeks out the blocked and negative energies and brings them back into alignment.  The use of the Clear Quartz mask is a great way to energize the body and attune it to the most optimum functioning state.

The Rose Quartz works with the spiritual body on an emotional level through the heart chakra.  Opening the heart with unconditional love allows the body to accept healing on the deepest level.

At this time we have both available for purchase:

Rose Quartz Crystal Mask $150

Clear Quartz Crystal Mask $150

If you purchase one of each you receive a discount… Total Cost $250 (saving $50)