2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11/ 2 *UNIVERSAL YEAR

*Universal Year is energy available for every person, group, business, government and country on planet earth.
NOTE:  Every individual has their own Personal Year vibration in addition to the overall Universal Year theme


The Year of 2018 – The Spiritual Messenger

The 11/2 is one of the Master Numbers in numerology.  This energy has the potential to create powerful situations for the positive, or the opposite conclusions.

This year of 2018 will expose this master vibration intensifying the double one’s (11) along with the base number two (2).

In reading this article, think in terms of 1) your personal life 2) others in your life    3) group settings   4) communities   5) countries 6) governments … and everything in between:

This intense energy of the 11/2 can generate relationship, domestic, group and business partnership issues.

Individuals or groups may find they are acting too sensitive or acting unfair, too pushy, too bossy, defensive or acting unjustly.   We all desire a more peaceful existence and to achieve that harmony … no matter what is transpiring, one should operate from the stillness within the heart and be willing to expose the pureness of love.

In 2018, we may witness or experience both personal and external tests, legal dealings involving money that need attention – mixed in with a whole lot of inventiveness, inspiration, art and creativity!    Make use of this year as it has the ability to raise ones intuition and creative abilities.  Many will find their way making use of those creative abilities by putting themselves out there … and as a result may move into the ‘spotlight’.

Education and training is important.  To pursue a course in some metaphysical discipline or enhancing your career potentials or finding a new job/project is noted.  And pay attention to your dreams.  A good idea will be to keep a diary by your bedside for those important messages that are guiding you from Spirit.

You may find experiences that are stimulating which can cause one to be impulsive in making decisions, so try to practice patience and tolerance throughout this journey.   Tactfulness and diplomacy will be a game changer in 2018, manifesting the positive side of this vibration.

Often people hear of the 11/2 vibration and automatically think of only one side of this energy such as angels, spiritual outlook, illumination, spiritual awakening, intuition, inspirational leaders & teachers.

These vibrations are indeed available for us in 2018; though on the other side of the coin 11/2 has its opposite effect just like as in every number.  A few examples could be frustration manifested when goals are set too high and are not met – signaling fanaticism, aimlessness, dishonesty, acting miserly or even evil pursuits.  Negative actions and/or these types of mindset can be harmful – rather than the uplifting prospects of the 11/2.

The 2 energy will challenge us to practice cooperation and calmness … and at times passivity (that means taking a step back when appropriate).  Allow the other person to voice their opinions.  Remember, we do not have to agree – just be amicable and provide good counsel when asked.

The 11/2 energy will certainly bring forth life’s many ups and downs.  So what’s new, right?

Rising to a higher vibration of spirituality springs forth stability, rather than fear-based illusions & deceptions that tear down.   When life throws us a curveball in any part of life, independently or collectively, look at it rationally … eliminate previous thoughts or actions that have not worked up until now and … right the wrong.  Thus prayer, meditation, introspection and seeking a life of purity will pull one through every situation every time.

Physical and Health indicators:  addictions in any form, muscle tension, sensitive stomach, allergies, immune system issues, lymphatic, lower back, intestines/digestive and reproductive issues. 11/2 rules the kidney, the organ of elimination and maintains our chemical balance within the body.  Drinking appropriate amounts of pure water daily will aid in proper elimination of the toxins.  Remove all toxins wherever they appear.

Enjoy a Safe and Happy New Year!   Diane Wood

Diane Wood, Guidance Coach