The Winds of Change blew through this past week…We have NOW changed directions and the Light IS in charge!!!!!!!!!!!

Take things at a steady pace and pay close attention to all your reactions. What are you not letting go of that you should? What dramas do you continue to play out that no longer serve? What have you not made up your mind on? The time is now to decide! We are in the midst of the Grandest Change our Earth has ever seen. It is very important that you get on board with the higher vibrations that are flowing in…through…and creating a new!

You cannot be stubborn with this matter…you have to be conscious; Conscious of your every move and action. Start making better decisions for yourself and adjust the lower level intrusions out to be transformed into the new.

The place where we have been in this world does not exist in our higher world order so start adjusting now. This will make things much easier in this transition. You will open up to even higher perceptions to help make higher choices going forward in these new creations coming forth.

No more time to delay your preparation work. Changes will be seen at a faster pace now. You have already been given glimpses… enough to just make you take notice. Now action is required to build! And just wait till you See what We are building!? A World based in LOVE…

A wonderful stone to help us adjust and make wiser decisions in our life is AXINITE.

Axinite is a Grounding Stone…Bringing energy up from Gaia via the new earth chakra into our body. Increasing our strength and endurance. Helps you to go with the flow of life AND change what needs to be changed. Increases your appreciation of the spiritual realms and journey’s; aiding you to remember your experiences on your return. Excellent to meditate with!

Be open to much change… What IS YOUR VISION?!

Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic