During stressful times our minds and bodies feel out of control; we can feel scattered and disconnected. As we resist, we begin floating out of our body unable to cope with reality. At this point, escaping as we tend to do, won’t fix anything. Having a glass of wine or other alcohol, smoking herbs, shopping, gaming, vaping, etc, is creating addictions and encourages us to run from our problems while getting grounded helps us face them.

Our society has an addiction with escapism. This programed belief that to relax we need escape with outer material things and not process our feelings continues a trend of repression. Why are we allowing ourselves to withdraw from our highest path? The truth is, people don’t want to do the spiritual work or look at what is not working in their lives. Society has been programmed to invest in a magic pill or drink to solve our problems rather than helping us seek the source of our conflict and embrace a path of healing.

We’ve been told that we are weak and disconnected from one another.  Escaping may make you feel re-connected for a short period, but then it wears off and offers no lasting effects. Soon a need arises to escape again because otherwise you will come down and feel all your emotions plus lowered serotonin levels. When another option could be to meditate, be in nature, share with a friend, and investigate the source of our suffering. Our pain isn’t born from society or other people. We cause our own agony, and when we refuse to face our issues our suffering is prolonged.

There are several holistic remedies for healing; Acutonics, Reiki, chakra clearing, meditation, massage, counseling, and the list goes on… but sometimes the easiest options are the ones we do alone in our own home. Help is essential when dealing with significant issues but to maintain healthy stress levels daily we need simple remedies. How often do we allow ourselves to pull out our favorite crystals, run a hot bath, light a candle, and say a prayer? The answer is probably, not often enough. We are so busy helping others we forget to implement the necessary self-care.

We will not have all the answers handed to us and it’s not easy to reconfigure societal restraints, but we can start with the little things; like simply taking a bath. Our bodies are primarily water based and connecting with that essence in an intimate setting is one of the most grounding experiences a person can have. Deeply spiritual baths allow for inner reflection as water creates a natural buoyancy allowing things to “float to the surface”.

Our new product Blessed (Bath) Bombs are prayer centered, chakra based, and sacred symbol infused. They come with a mantra and a specific meditation for each bath bomb to allow for a personal profound healing to occur. Take charge of your well-being today, stop by Lightworkers Sanctuary for all your holistic grounding tools and services.

Shannon Schmidt