Ponder this word for a moment: SINCERITY

It has come to attention that the vibration of true sincerity is widely missed within our giving… receiving… actions and healing with love. So I ask you this: Is every action you do done with sincerity? Or is it done because you just think you should do? Our heart intelligence takes notice of the vibration of sincerity and responds in extremely positive ways. Our heart also knows when a person is not being sincere and will close to the person’s actions.

Keep this in mind…mind of heart…As we begin to help each other in different ways. Are you being sincere with your actions or are you just doing to do? Fine tuning yourself to sincerity will awaken you to more feelings of LOVE.

Dictionary Definition sin—cere


  1. free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.

“they offer their sincere thanks to Paul”

* synonyms:  heartfelt, wholehearted, profound, deep; 

(of a person) saying what they genuinely feel or believe; not dishonest or hypocritical.

Heart Opening responds to LOVE…sincerely.

A wonderful stone to help us with sincerity would be Aquamarine.


Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people. It has the power to invoke tolerance of others. It overcomes judgmentalism, gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility, and encourages taking responsibility to one’s self. It creates a personality that is upright, persistent, and dynamic. It can break old, self-defeating programs.

Aquamarine calms the mind, removing extraneous thought. It filters information reaching the brain and clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect, and clears up confusion…with its ability to bring unfinished business to a conclusion. This stone is helpful in understanding underlying emotional states and interpreting how you feel. It invokes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness AND encourages service to humanity.

Aquamarine info came from the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

May Sincerity become more apparent in all of our situations. This way more hearts will open to receive love!

Sincerely, JypsyJenn & Earth Magic