9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 1 *Universal Month

*Universal Month is energy available for every person, group & country on planet earth

note: each individual has their own personal month vibration in addition to the overall universal monthly theme   

Keywords: The sun is shining on each one of us!
action, Independence, overcoming obstacles, SUCCESS, PERSONAL growth, faith

SEPTEMBER brings in the energy to embark on new beginnings!    

Choose that path you’ve been contemplating for long-range attainment.

Opportunities are upon us to use gifts of drive, ambition & positive energy,   urging us to step out on our own and be more independent thinking.   

We can overcome obstacles!   Plan carefully and avoid impulsive actions, which include being mindful in choosing friends – avoiding superficial relationships. 

Be considerate of the OTHER person.  This month when one indulges in personal desires it can lead to:

* Difficulties or simply hurting the ones we care about  

* Invalid or troublesome contracts

* Loss of personal possessions

Consequently, being headstrong or insisting on having one’s own way / not thinking about consequences –  is not recommended. 

Be watchful for every opportunity as we maintain faith in our own abilities – thus achieving those goals we pursue!    

It’s all about CHOICES this month – guide it WISELY. 

Diane Wood, DIANE WOOD, Guidance Coach