1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 2 *Universal Month

*Universal Month is energy available for every person, group, business and country on planet earth

NOTE:  Each individual has their own personal month vibration in addition to the overall Universal monthly theme

KEYWORDS:  Love, Patience, Adaptability, Cooperation, Tact, Diplomacy, Turning Points, Decisions, Awareness, Reconstruction

OCTOBER brings in the energy to Plan- Growth – Cooperation!  

Sudden events require us to make decisions that could be a turning point.

This is secretive period in which affairs, situations and relationships are operating under an element of the unknown.

Many are more sensitive and vulnerable at this time, especially in love.  Patience, acting considerate and using the tools of diplomacy is what works best.    LISTENING instead of talking all the time.  Think of the other person.  We do not have to agree – however we should exercise understandings for the others.

Many find they are contemplating a move, looking for a new job or project, or a new relation.  This demands new thoughts and actions from us.

To reduce anxiety and restlessness this month, one should get all that mind-stuff out of the head.  Clear the brain.  Write every down.  Look at the pros and cons for everything.  Make lists.

Do not waste time.  Formulate the plan that can be started in the near future.

Remember the seeds that were planted last month?  Well now is the time for those seeds to germinate (under the surface).

Patience and tolerance is a must in all conversation and with plans.

Remain flexible.  Use your common sense and come to logical conclusions.

CHALLENGE:  Dis-illusionment brings on disappointment.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
Can make folks act petty about trivial matters and react emotionally to confrontations.  Some folks or groups may withdraw rather than trying to settle problems amicably.

Diane Wood, Guidance Coach