NUMEROLOGY for June 2017
6 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = (16/7) = 7 *Universal Month

Definition of a *Universal Month is the vibration & energy available for every Individual, Group, Institution, Leader & Nation on planet earth. Be aware that every individual has their own personal month vibration in addition to the universal theme(s)     

Keyphrases for June   Spiritual connections, an awakening, think before speaking, reflection, technology issues,  legal issues, travelling, relocation, accidents, !slow down!, health (balanced diet & getting proper rest)  & weather concerns.

This month may present some setbacks or disappointments in personal relationships, business projects or financial affairs.
Even though there is potential for loss, so too is the potential for financial gain, recognition & prosperity!  And how you ask?

Keys for success

  • Consult with an appropriate professional before agreeing to or signing a legal or verbal contract.
  • Balance your life! Don’t overwork. Eat good balanced diet.  Prevention goes a long way.
  • Take time for a relaxing weekend get-away, reading a book on philosophy or embarking on a spiritual or creative enterprise. Spend time alone.
  • Relax by a body of water, the beach front resort or a local swimming pool as water is a powerful healer.
  • Get those creative juices flowing and plan wisely for the future. Perfect your skills.
  • Work toward future goals that will bring you good fortune.
  • Do not be obsessed with ownership of any 3D-material possession, project or person. Remember that no-thing ever has, nor ever will belong to anyone.
  • Connect with what is real and truly important.
  • Listen to your DREAMS.

DIANE WOOD, Guidance Coach

*Diane will be facilitating Karmic Lessons / Karmic Debts Workshop on Sunday, August 13th.
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