1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 3 *Universal Month
*Universal Month is energy available for every person, group, business and country on planet earth
MAKE NOTE:  Each individual has their own personal monthly vibration in addition to the overall Universal monthly theme

KEY TO SUCCESS: Changing our Point of View, Waiting Period, Optimism, Passivity, Sympathy, Tactful, Growth, Self Expression, Enjoyment, Travel, Entertainment (parties, plays, concerts)

Sacrifice is required through trial and loss.
Do not fight it, flow with it

NOVEMBER brings in the energy to witness activity in the Market.
Business can mix well with pleasure now.  So give parties, join groups or attend seminars; loosen up and have some fun!

It’s a month to experience expansion in all areas of life such as art, publication, recognition or simply studying a subject.

Universally this month has the potential for more happiness – in which previous difficulties are overcome or they have potential to be resolved.

Put forth attention towards personal appearance.  Replace those worn and outdated clothes.  Some will be guided to purchase a new outfit.  SHOPPING!
November is a fabulous collective energy to get our body in shape as well.  Many will feel the urge to sign up for yoga class or a weight loss course.
~ Remember that this Universal Year of (2017) is about new beginnings and new ventures that have potential to improve our self; so now’s the time!

Travelling for any purpose is an attention getter this month.  YEAH!

*Doubts and pessimism.
* The absence of focus or discipline.
*This month can create instability around finances.  The BLING to spend unwisely is activated now.
* Be aware of your thoughts and what you say.  We will receive that which we’ve been thinking or speaking (both independently and collectively).  OUCH!  WATCH THE WORDS!
*Talking too much, gossip, lies, deceit.
*Taking risks can lead to losses.  Jealousy leads to loneliness.
*Over-doing anything is NOT suggested, such as over-eating, drinking, drugs can lead to … not so good results.  


Diane Wood, Guidance Coach