It is time to REALLY Live Life and Learn from our Experience! Go out and experience more and start designing a new life. It is all about change right now and it will be great for us to design something that makes us feel good. The only way we really truly know what is right or wrong for us is through the experience and learning how it makes us feel.

We have lived in a time where lots of people read or get something and think that their knowledge intake is fulfilled. Knowledge comes from the experience itself. Through the experience learn to feel each moment…How does it make you feel? Savor it all no matter what it is and notice; Does that feel good to me or not? Feeling good is always higher vibrational energy. The not good feeling is lower level stuff. The questionable feeling means you require more study in that matter. We can also change our feelings on different things as we move along our path. That always shows growth because growth is all about change.

It is time for us to all get out of our box…go out and experience for ourselves and feel what life is all about. We will be different from each other and change as we grow…but the only way to grow beyond the veils is to Experience Life. Keep moving…come in to contemplate where you have been…then move on out again. That is the true ebb and flow of life.

You will experience and broaden your awareness bringing more joy into your life and of course you will bring joy to all that you come into contact. Everything loves to have new experiences. That is what life is all about…JOY to THE WORLD!

PS go easy on yourself and others when we have uncomfortable experiences. We have to learn through the experience to know that some things are not good for us to do. We can just check that off of our list of things that don’t feel good. Recognize it next time it comes around…then walk away. 


This is really fun as I walked around the store and asked what stone will help to promote Joy. I came to Chalcedony and I said to myself these have to be about joy because they just make everyone smile. They are adorable and fun stones.

Chalcedony-A nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood & good will. It absorbs negative energy. It brings the mind, body, emotions & spirit into harmony. Instills feelings of benevolence & generosity. Alleviates hostility and transforms melancholy into JOY. Eases self-doubt.

These stones definitely make you feel giddy and that to me is a feeling of Joy! 

aka Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic