Tamara Conner

Angelic Light Healing &

Introducing Telosian Session

Angelic Light Healing is best described as an Angelic Multi-dimensional energy that is subtle, but very powerful and deep cleansing. It also works on all levels of an individual’s being, including the physical body such as back problems, stomach issues, circulation problems, water retention, body aches and more. Angelic Light Healing opens your connection to Spirit to receive whatever energy and healing Spirit feels is appropriate.  Clearing limiting beliefs and dense negative energy that helps to open your body to the flow of your life force. Each session is “divinely guided and unique” for the individual at that moment in time. Spirit guides the healing session along with my loving guides: Archangel Michael and Awaiku’s (Hawaiian healing guides).

Angelic Light Healing Sessions: 45-minutes $125


Telosian Session: 45 minutes $125

Mount Shasta is the home of the Telosians. Whom are Lemurian survivors of the sinking of the continent of Lemuria over 12,000 years ago. They are fifth dimensional beings. Spirit called me to work on Mt. Shasta for many years. Upon doing the work, the Telosians gifted with me with Telosian energies and a guide. This session brings people into balance with the shifting of the new energies on the planet as well as working on the physical body. But most importantly to give direct love and energy to raise your vibration and consciousness to the next level!


Tamara is available Every Tuesday, Thursday, 1st Friday & 2nd Sunday of each month.

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BIO Tamara Conner

My spiritual journey started when I was about 10 years old and my parents took me to a spiritual awareness training seminar called “Huna”. Then, in 1990 I had an awakening.  I was going through some very difficult times in my life and new of no one that could help me. I went to the grocery store (to distract myself) and saw this man (Dick Cox) in every isle of the store. He approached me and said he knew I was lost and if there was anything he could do to help me. I explained my situation and he instructed me to go home, don’t put up the groceries, go to your room and ask Jesus into your heart. And that’s exactly what I did.”

After I prayed to Jesus, I got up and looked out of the window, I saw a holiness in the air, the street looked like a dirt street in Jerusalem and I felt him walk down the street, he pointed at me and I heard him say “I heard you call my name and you’re going to be all right.”

The joy and relief that I felt!

Shortly after that, Spirit gave me a 30-day awakening. I considered it more like 30 days of training. Basically it was learning at the deepest level within me/at the core that there was more out there and true spirituality was unlimited and so much more than the limiting beliefs.

After the 30 days I truly believed that I was a worthy vessel for spirit to work through. Spirit began to use me to help others. Spirit would put them into my heart and I knew they needed the help.

Since then I have helped many others and studied many different healing modalities such as Reiki, NLP, Angel classes, Hawaiian Healing: La’au Kahea and Ho’oponopono.  I am also certified in Hawaiian Healing Level 1 & 2 & 3 as well as a certified trainer. However, my most prolific teachings have come directly from Spirit. My most recent teachings from spirit are what I call “Angelic Light Healing.”

Angelic Light Healing (Angelic multi-dimensional energy that is subtle but very powerful and deep cleansing. It also works on all levels of an individual’s being, including the physical body through to the outermost layers of the energy field. It clears out old beliefs and dense negative energy which helps to open your bodies to the flow of life force. It can heal physical as well as depression, anxiety and so much more, the healing is limitless.)