Energy Medicine Practitioner

Energy Medicine is a powerful combination of healing modalities that empower your inner healer to awaken. Raising your vibration effects the interconnectedness that exists between you and everything, honoring all aspects and levels of who you are. More than one technique may be used during a session, the energy scanning protocol I use will determine which techniques will best serve you at that present time.

I AM, a self-proclaimed Energy ∞ Weaver, I haven’t always walked in the morning grass to ground my energy wearing a cowboy hat.  Life’s curve balls inspired this down to earth Texan to move from an unyielding “stands-with-a-fist” perspective to one of open-hearted compassion.  I believe Energy Medicine awakens the energies within that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to life while increasing vitality to the body, mind and soul! Balancing our energies balances our chemistry, organs, and meridians, while regulating hormones which helps us to feel and think better! Understanding and empathizing with the ebbs and flows of life is what I believe weave together the tapestry of life, which has guided me to establish, TaliaLogo

My passion and gift for helping others through hands-on energy healing has been refined during my training with Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Quantum Healing and other modes of working with body energies. The techniques I use vary from time-honored tradition, such as acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology and qi gong and more. Flow, balance and harmony can be non-invasively restored and maintained within an energy system by tapping, massaging, weaving and/or connecting specific energy points (acu-points).

My journey into alternative and energy healing began in my first year of marriage when my then-husband was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer at 28 years of age.  It was there that I discovered my gift, and submerged myself into learning alternative modalities to assist with his healing, in conjunction with conventional medicine.  His health report is strong to this day, and I continue to work with him.  Along the way, my focus shifted to assisting in helping my two children’s highly dyslexic brains.  I’ve discovered and immersed myself in training with Eden Energy Medicine, which proved to me to be one of the strongest and most beneficial modality in working with learning challenges.

I fully believe that we are in this world to heal – to be healthier in our physical body and happier and more at peace in our hearts. Weave into a higher vibration!

Read more about Eden Energy Medicine; http://innersource.net/em/

“The real gift of life is helping others. This gift of helping, in whatever way one can, is the thread of life that continues to weave us all together.”  

Energy Exchange: $75 per session

Every 3rd Saturday

What to Expect During an Energy Session: 

All sessions are performed fully clothed on a massage table with shoes and metal jewelry removed. The focus of an energy session is to identify imbalances affecting your energy flow, ultimately, your health. Each session will be tailored to what each client is looking for, it is a fluid and an ever evolving process. Each session is different from the previous one. Each client moves at a different pace and together we will find the most beneficial and supportive path for you individually.

Healing sessions have a deep effect on one’s emotional lives, relationships and physical health. It usually brings healing to places within themselves and their lives they didn’t even know they were longing for. It is a beautiful and transformative journey.


Below is a brief list of specific benefits energy healing can bring.

Physical Benefits:

Facilitate physical healing of diseases. Prepare for surgery. Accelerate recovery from surgery, disease, trauma, or hospitalization. Heal faster with fewer complications. Relieve pain and swelling.

 Eliminate or reduce side effects of medical procedures. Restore sense of balance and well-being.

 Learn about the energetic dynamics underlying your disease and health. Increase vitality and quality of life.

Emotional Benefits:

Experience emotional healing; a lighter and more peaceful feeling in your emotional life. Move with more ease through emotional life transitions. Clarify aspects of your emotional life that are now confused or stuck. Increase vitality and passion for life where you might be feeling numb or depleted. Release emotional holding and enjoy emotional relief. Feel happiness settle back into yourself.

*Benefits may help with: anxiety, depression, panic disorder, sense of hopelessness, constant ups and downs, etc.

Mental Benefits:

Increase your mental clarity and memory. Bring clarity into places of confusion. Make decisions that serve your highest good. Find and release limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and/or life. Experience mental peace, gratitude, and happiness.

Spiritual benefits:

Find and follow your intuition, or inner knowing. Remember your essence, deep love, wisdom, and power. Strengthen your intention and ability to accomplish your goals. Establish or reinforce your connection to your higher wisdom. Expand your consciousness and awareness. Remember what a miracle life really is!!

Relational Benefits:

Bring healing from troubled relationships and comfort to yourself and your heart. Bring light into a maternal or paternal relationship. Bring awareness, understanding, and healing into romantic relationships. Experience a deeper connection within your own heart. Bring a stronger sense of who you are and your strength in any relationship. 

*This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.