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BIO Rae Dornan

Rae_Dornan2Rae Dornan is a natural born spiritual healer of our time channeling “SunRae Healing” which is instantaneous and profound.  You can harness the secret of this astonishing healing by either attending a workshop or an individual healing.

His techniques are ideal for any individuals who struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed by stress, anxiety and depression which impacts on their mind, body & spirit.

If any individuals are open enough to allow their “free will” to receive the wonders and magnificence of spirit energy to enter and permeate all aspects of their being then ‘SunRae Healing’ is for you!

One of the many things Rae teaches is how to work on the human body by channeling energy via the “Etheric Body” by channeling energy from the “Macro Universal Hologram” into the “Micro Hologram” on a cellular level.

He uses proven techniques (discovered in Brazil) which he has refined over time where he goes to “frequencies” to restore “Balance & Harmony”.

He calls this amazing technique “Hands on Holography”.

A step-by-step discovery of SunRae Healing including:

  • Healing the cell linked to Soul Contracts and Karmic Dispensation
  • Optimum conditions for healing including Accessing The Healer Within
  • Techniques and therapies used in Spiritual Healing
  • Spiritual Healing linked to past lives
  • Diseases and Spiritual treatments
  • A Spiritual Healing in 14 steps
  • Other Healing modalities linked to cancer treatment on a cellular level

*Published SunRae Healing Book

Rae has lived a varied life that reflects in his writings. Born in 1951 in East London, U.K., he extensively travelled the world from his early twenties, bringing him a wealth of knowledge and experience. He began writing in his early forties and in that time has written over a hundred fables, a substantial spiritual book, three comedies, recorded two musical albums, composing all the music, singing, playing rhythm and lead guitar. Loads of fun! He is currently concentrating on many more future projects.

For more information about Rae please visit www.sunraehealing.com

Healing Sessions with Rae Dornan at Lightworker’s Sanctuary:

1-Hour ~ $135 

30-minutes ~ $80