Berena Wise

Acutonic Vibration Sound Healing, ColorPuncture, Shamanic Healing, C.O.R.E. (Energetic Cell & Organ Regeneration), B.E.S.T. (BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique), Sekham Ancient Egyptian Healing, Reiki Plus, Native American Healing Techniques, Cold Laser Therapy, Body Vibration Frequency Recoding™ and more

CPT, Lic #4970181

Berena is available Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and 1st Sunday.  To schedule an appointment with her, call 214-385-1784 or email lightworkerssanctuary@yahoo.comBe sure to specify that you want an appointment with Berena.

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I invite you to share with me the wonderful healing power of Acutonics and Energy Work. “Sound and Energy has the power to heal wounds, ignite our spirit, change consciousness and re-unite us with the divine harmonies and rhythms of the universe.”

I grew up part of a military family and had the opportunity to live in many places and be exposed to many cultures and religions. This was a good life, but it was also confusing and raised many questions about life and religion. I spent most of my adult life in study, trying to find a comfortable “fit” for me. My “fit” came in the discovery of Angels and Spiritual Guides, the Universal Source and the Universal Energy Healing modalities. I have had the honor to study with many wonderfully talented masters and healers.

My goal is to provide the best possible service to my clients. The healing techniques I most often use are: Acutonics (Sound Vibration Healing), Reiki, various Energy Movement techniques, Crystals, and Native American healing techniques. More than one technique may be used during a session. I use intuitive bioenergetics and focused intention to determine which techniques will best serve my client at that present time.

As an Ordained Minister, I also provide intuitive counseling.

I am self taught in intuitive Tarot and Angel Oracle card reading and I also use Native American Medicine cards. I use a multi-deck method of reading, which gives a very good validation of the messages.

I am always adding new tools to my arsenal to keep my service fresh and up to date.

Education and Qualifications
Acutonics ~ Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, Santa Fe, NM, Instructor, Jan Lanning .

Reiki Master/Trainer ~ Bhakti Academe, Safety Harbour , FL., Instructor, Dr. Jim Greenwood.

Energy Work for Enlightenment, Exemplar Program ~ Bhakti Academe, Dr. Jim Greenwood.

(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique ~ Instructor, David Landau Hunt, Clearwater, FL.

Native American Healing ~ Trained in various techniques and have received 2 of the 9 Rites of Munay-Ki (The Healing Rite and the Bands of Power).


Description of Modalities

Acutonics Healing System
The Acutonics Healing System is an energy-based non-invasive treatment that is similar to acupuncture. Precision calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific acupuncture and acupressure points to access the body’s Meridian and Chakra energy systems. These tuning forks represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and planets. Their rich resonance and vibration connects with and supports the body’s natural frequencies. It brings us into alignment with the cycles of the Cosmos known since antiquity as the Music of the Spheres.

Esogetic Colorpuncture is an advanced healing technology, in which gentle, non-invasive vibrations of colored light are applied to the body’s acu-points on the skin. Developed by a well-known German naturopath named Peter Mandel.

This system combines ancient esoteric or spiritual healing principles with the energetic wisdom and concepts of Chinese Medicine, as well as modern light biophysics.

Click Here to read full colorpuncture description.

Sekhem is channeled energy. That is, it comes from a source outside of us. It is not our own energy, but is drawn from the most Holy of Holy Living Light or Divine Energy that we are all connected to and use to power our bodies, heal our wounds and use for the sheer joy of living. Because of the very high vibrational frequency and concentration of Sekhem energy, its aspect of unconditional divine love is to a degree that which you may not have experienced before. Sekhem is an ancient system of wisdom used by the high priestesses and physicians in the temples of healing in early Egyptian times. Sekhem works on all levels simultaneously, the physical, mental, emotional and all of the spiritual planes, so accelerating our personal growth and development and elevating our vibrational frequency.

Reiki is a Japanese Spiritual Healing Art that is one of the oldest and most powerful and effective forms of healing. It helps to restore balance and harmony and promotes relaxation. Reiki energy revitalizes and refreshes the mind, body and soul. It helps bring wellness to our body and peacefulness to our mind and soul. It is considered an Eastern modality that complements Western medicine. In addition to all of that, Reiki helps treat the chakras and auras.

Crystal Healing
Crystal Therapy is the ancient art of laying-on-of-stones. Gems, stones and crystals are laid on the body over the chakra points. Each chakra resonates to a particular color, so by laying a stone of that color over the chakra, the chakras open, align and blend with one another. When the chakra system is balanced, the physical body is able to innately self-correct and heal.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)
B.E.S.T. is a non-forceful, energy balancing hands on procedure used to help reestablish the full healing potential of the body. Understanding the body makes no mistakes regarding health and longevity, The B.E.S.T. principles acknowledge the concept of Interference we create with our conscious mind. This Interference caused imbalance in the autonomic nervous system leading to exhaustion of our organ systems over time. Researched at major universities, taught in several Chiropractic Colleges and in professional continuing education seminars, B.E.S.T. is recognized as an effective healing science.

Native American Healing
Native American medicine is a term that refers to the historical collection of information, and treatment modalities of many different North American tribes, over thousands of years. From the Native American perspective, medicine belongs more to the realm of healing than curing. These two concepts are not identical. Physicians aim to cure disease, to vanquish it, to make it go away. Traditional indigenous healers emphasize healing, in the sense of “making whole” by establishing, enhancing, or restoring well-being and harmony. The philosophy is one that strives to bridge the unseen relationships that exist between man, and the natural world that surrounds him. At the core of the approach is a respect for the impact each has upon the other. Overall balance, and through it, health, is a target that is achieved by taking into full consideration the forces that flow within and without one’s body, and in the growth of his/her understanding of the apparently simple truth that all life relies inherently upon all other life.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a unique combination of the ancient technique of acupuncture with modern psychology. Combined, they enable you to transform negative emotions and thoughts in minutes. Tapping is based on the theory that these negative states are stored, even stuck, in our body’s energy system. When an acupuncture needle is inserted into a qi or energy meridian, the purpose is to get the energy moving and to move stagnant or stuck qi (energy). Tapping therapy works the same way to get stuck or stagnant emotional energy moving. When stimulating the energy system or qi meridians, while thinking of and feeling the negative state, the stuck energy moves, replacing anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, overwhelm with calm, confidence, peace, resourcefulness.

EFT Tapping can improve your emotional well-being, your ability to attract abundance, and your happiness. Emotional Tapping Therapy can significantly improve your life by shifting the patterns that regulate your well-being, success and joy.

C.O.R.E. – Cell and Organ Regeneration
The possibility of regenerating cells and organs is in the sacred writings of many ancient faiths. Two examples from the Old Testament are: Psalm 103:5 and Isaiah 40:31. No one person, group or nation owns the concept of organ regeneration. The “Dreamtime” stories of the indigenous peoples around the world have similar concepts, as do the Native American shaman and shamans of Peru.

One stream of this knowledge began in the early 1990’s in Russia where a group of “Spiritual Scientists,” through dedicated study, rigorous research and record-keeping have evolved very successful processes of controlling reality through soul, mind and consciousness that have resulted in the repeated positive results of cell and organ regeneration. Normally, deadly illnesses have been eliminated by an intentional cell therapy and results are now coming in as the knowledge and experience is now being shared more easily and expanded and innovated upon. The latest and more effective results are now being obtained, many remotely, through trained practitioners using very intense ‘healing’ and heightened levels of consciousness processes which work on a cellular level. Each process requires the active co-operation of the client. We do not do this to you, but we share in an endeavor that will reveal your best possible result. The keys necessary for success are: ACCEPTANCE, INTENTION, ALLOWING AND COMPLETION.

This is never a one-size-fits-all process. Each session is crafted for one specific client. The results have been outstanding. The only limits on the results are your beliefs.

Body Vibration Frequency Recoding™

Every cell of every organ in our body vibrates to frequencies ranging from what is considered healthy to non-functioning. We are capable of restoring our body back to health by recoding the body back to the ideal frequency of perfection.

By reintroducing our body, on all levels, physical, emotional and beliefs, to the numeric code frequencies they were meant to vibrate with, we can recode disease and old mindsets to the frequencies of health and inner peace. Our body will innately begin to vibrate to these familiar frequencies.

Through body energy facilitation, intention and the client’s willingness to just allow and receive this numeric vibration recodes, we can heal on all levels of life. We were made to heal ourselves.

Personal Totem Chart
Each and every person has nine power or totem animals that represent the medicine they carry in their Earth Walk. These animal or creature beings emulate each person’s abilities, talents, and challenges. As you come into this Earth Walk, there are seven directions surrounding your physical body. These directions are East, South, West, North, Above, Below, and Within. The direction called Within exists within you and also surrounds you, since the entire universe is inside of your consciousness. You have a totem animal in each of the seven directions to teach you the lessons of these directions.

Finding your totem animals and learning their Medicine will improve your connection with Spirit and all life. This medicine also brings personal power, strength, and understanding of who we really are and how we can improve the things we want to change.

New Session Fees as of May 10, 2017:
1 Hour Session ~ $125
1.5 Hour Session ~ $150
Shamanic Healing:  1.5 Hour ~ $150

*Children Under 18 yrs 1-hour Session ~ $85

Spiritual Counseling & Readings:
30 minutes ~ $75
1 Hour ~ $125

To schedule an appointment with Berena, call 214-385-1784 or email Be sure to specify that you want an appointment with Berena.

Cancellation Policy: 48 hour notice on all cancellations otherwise payment is due. Thank you for your understanding.