The Eight Lunar Phases by Berena Wise

The Eight Lunar Phases

Several months ago during a gathering I was asked which moon was the best to have ceremony for, the new moon, or the full moon. I answered that I thought all eight phases were important. I promised that I would explain this further in the newsletter.

Now that we are free of the closing out of 2016 energies, and free of most of last year’s very hard lessons and burdens, we can finally begin this new year’s energy of opportunity, love, and new beginnings. A perfect time to re-connect with Mother Earth and the heavens to learn from all the wisdom and knowledge, (ancient and future); they are so willing to share.

One common trend among Native American tribes was that people weren’t interested in time for the sake of time itself. There were no clocks or calendars. And so time was told by the ebb and flow of tides, by the ripening of fruit and vegetables, by the sun’s position in the sky, by watching stars rise and fall, or by knowing when the bears awake from hibernation. Native Americans did track and name the lunar cycles, usually from one new moon to the next. Lunar cycles were named after what was happening in nature at the time. For instance, one tribe named one lunar cycle “laying geese”.

Over the years for many people, the acknowledgement and ceremonies of the phases of the moon have been combined into two events: the New Moon and the Full Moon. Consider looking at the phases one at a time and see how their energies effects how you feel.

Following the Lunar Cycle as part of our spiritual devotions can be very fulfilling in developing a deeper connection with our planet, Mother Earth, and Father Sky.

The Eight Lunar Phases

New Moon:  New beginnings, fresh start, blank page.
Crescent Moon:  Intention, hopes, and wishes
First Quarter Moon: Challenges, decisions, action.
Gibbous Moon: Adjust, refine, edit.
Full Moon:  Signed, sealed, and stamped.
Disseminating Moon:  Gratitude, sharing, enthusiasm.
Last Quarter Moon: Release, let go, forgive.
Balsamic Moon: Surrender, rest, and recuperate.

New Moon
The Lunar Phases begin at the New Moon.  Today it is all figured out when the actual New Moon occurs, but in ancient days the New Moon began at the first observance of the crescent Moon.

As we cannot see the actual New Moon, the Dark of the Moon is a time for a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new beginning. It’s a time of gathering our thoughts, planning our movement, and getting ready for declaring it at the Crescent Moon.

Crescent Moon
The Crescent Moon is the time to announce our intentions, hopes, and wishes for the Lunar Month. It is good to write them down either on a piece of paper or in our Journal.  Journaling can be a valuable tool in our daily spiritual invocations.

First Quarter Moon
The First Quarter Moon appears approximately a week after the New Moon.  We might call the First Quarter Moon, as well as the Last Quarter Moon, “the half Moon,” because the Moon appears cut in half.  It is not a quarter of a Moon at all in appearance.

At the First Quarter Moon, we might meet challenges we had not prepared for.  We may need to make on-the-spot decisions about how to proceed and then do what needs to be done in order for our intentions to manifest.  It is a time for action.

Gibbous Moon
At Gibbous Moon we may have to refine or edit our primary hopes.  Maybe some event has happened so that we cannot fulfill our intentions; maybe we changed our mind. Whatever has occurred, this is the time to adjust/edit our written note.  There is nothing to worry about; it is a good thing to realize limitations or change of mind. This is the time that it is easy to accommodate and adjust.

Full Moon
This is the time that our contract is signed, sealed, and stamped.  Note that it is not necessarily delivered.  It may be, but if it is not, do not be discouraged.  We still have two weeks to devote to this intentional period.  Know that the intention is “out there” in the universe and time is gathering all the circumstances and other people’s intentions and time frame together to make this happen the best way for all concerned. Some teachings say that in six months the Full Moon will be in the same House as the New Moon occurring this month. Therefore, it may take six months for your intentions to manifest rather than two weeks.

Disseminating Moon
This is the time to be grateful, talk about your intention to those who wish you well, share your hopes and wishes, and ask those trusted friends to keep good thoughts for you. Tell yourself enthusiastically that your intentions are “already done.”

Last Quarter Moon
Now is the time to let go, release, and forgive anything and everyone that you may feel has hurt you or forgive yourself for those you have hurt in any way.

It is a time of surrendering yourself and allowing the universe or spirit to take over.  It is out of your hands and no more action is needed from you.

Balsamic Moon
Peace.  This is the time to surrender, rest, and recuperate.  No more thinking, planning, getting in your own way, or action of any kind; just peace. As the Moon slowly enters “the dark of the Moon,” we allow our visual minds to become dark, too, and be still.

Enjoy The Journey. Blessings, Berena

Spirit Message …

Sunsets 001

Spirit Message

Angie Torres

January 25, 2017

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” ~ Lao Tzu

Yes, we are waking up. Yes, we now exist in a 4th and 5th dimensional reality where our level of consciousness is higher than we are used to experiencing. We are waking up to the understanding that we are multidimensional beings. We have come a long way. We are continuing to raise our vibration and consciousness, connect with our Higher Self, and communicate with expanded beings and teachers to assist us on our path. We are seeking inner wisdom, joy, love and the understanding that our lights must shine brighter. We are collectively realizing the time for transformation is now.

Just when we think we’re getting there something occurs that reminds us of how far we still have to go. That “something” puts into perspective the status of the whole human consciousness at this time. We have work to do is an understatement. The time is now to integrate our awareness and innate wisdom into our daily lives.

This is Spirit’s message to us at this time. Do not be discouraged but do not become so relaxed to think the Light workers of the world have this covered. Stand in alignment with what is true. The world of separation we are accustomed to believing exists, does not exist. Only unity exists. We are one. We are connected to everything.

This world is manifested by us, the collective consciousness. Our World is NOT an accident! Spiritual laws guide us and beings that have magnificent awareness and expanded ideas assist us.

There are events we manifest that are meant to get our attention. In a big way. When we are in Spirit we all decide what our life will look like. What guides and teachers we will work with. We look at what we want to experience and we design opportunities and the potential to make that happen. We decide what opportunities are going to come our way to stimulate us (to shock us……stop us in our tracks) and to offer us an opportunity to grow and to help other beings on their journey. Returning to Love, helping others, expressing our unique creative gifts, and expanding our understanding of the whole is our purpose for being here. We have been training for a long time to assist in the radical transformation that is already in motion. However small our beacon of light may seem, from Spirit’s perspective it is so bright, so true and so pure.

Even though we feel we are collectively shining brighter, we have learned recently that we have much work to do. It is time to get serious, walk our talk, and surrender to the idea that there is ONLY LOVE, ONLY ONE. There is no separation. In order to help ourselves and humanity it all starts from within us. Act with love and compassion in everything we do, hold each other accountable with patience, love and kindness when the light is being challenged. Now is the time. Share the love and the work so it is easier for all.

This is a friendly reminder from Great Spirit of how much work there is to do to ensure our ascension to higher consciousness and the divine return of Gaia to her flawless state of peace and harmony for all.

Healing the Heart of Humanity through One’s Self…


Healing the Heart of Humanity through One’s Self…

By JypsyJenn & Earth Magic

We have had Pink Energies rolling in that began this past Nov/Dec time frame, sending this planet energy of Pure Love. This week an Emerald Green Energy is rolling in from the brightest of Light. I meditated on what was being seen and this is the message for us right now.

Connect to this Pink and Green Energy and just allow it to strengthen your heart. You will feel this strengthening…allowing your heart to open even more. You will be able to raise above all of the dramas in life that keep us locked in the pain of not knowing and living our truths.

We don’t always receive the answers of why some things happened that hurt our heart. We cannot allow that to stop our heart from healing and moving forward. These energies will come in and repair the un-answered past pains. Making us stronger and understanding the truths of what love is truly all about. Love helps us to flow and move forward in life…it never holds us back!

We have so much to learn in the true ways of love. Be gentle with yourself as these energies help to heal, repair and open our hearts even wider. This will allow for new discoveries of your True Hearts Desires to come forward in your life.

How do we connect with these energies poring through for us? Just Be… Know in your heart these energies are here for you now. Healing us and setting us free!

By allowing yourself to be healed you also allow the healing of humanity to expand…this is how powerful you are. Heal yourself…Heal this world!

Here are some stones that carry the vibrations of these energies poring through for us now:

Pink Tourmaline: Brings through the energy of love and helps with emotional healing.  Repairs holes in the auric field from emotional wounds. Encourages one to become a beacon of love energies.

Green Emerald: Opens the heart to love, forgiveness, compassion and trust. Facilitates the awakening to Divine Love.

Pink Kunzite: Divine Love and activation of our Heart’s Knowing.

May Love flow into your life more and more each day…En-Joy!

Our Future Time-line is sending us a message…we are being prepared!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strange)

by Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic (mixed with a little David Bowie)


Big Changes are on our horizon.  Here is a Stone Recipe for our soul during these restructuring times…

These stones will help us to awaken…because from an Awakened State we only create beauty!

Do what you can for yourself to gain strength to carry on into these highly changing times of realizing what you have created. Know too that you have the power to un-create…but it must be in a balanced manor. It took time to create and it will take equal time to UN-create. This will endure changing your ways and learning how to decipher ‘what is truth’ and ‘what is not’. Here are stones to help sooth your soul and support this change…as this change is inevitable!

Charoite to help overcome the fear of this change.
Petalite for Tranquility, upliftment, expansion of awareness, manifesting the spiritual in the physical, opening to the higher worlds.
Phenacite helps one find the courage to lead a spirit-centered life.
Rhodonite, Jade, Banded Agate and MoonStone for Harmony.
SunStone for Happiness.

It is time to face and walk into the strange and unusual…this is where we find our Joy!

Love, Light and Lots of Rainbows…

Resolutions instead of Revolutions…

This is a Magical Time of Year! How about we take advantage of these magical energies and focus our intention on Resolutions instead of Revolutions…

The Beatles

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out
Don’t you know it’s gonna be
All right, all right, all right

You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We’d all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We’re doing what we can

But if you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell is brother you have to wait
Don’t you know it’s gonna be
All right, all right, all right

You say you’ll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it’s the institution
Well, you know
You better free you mind instead

But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don’t you know it’s gonna be
All right, all right, all right
All right, all right, all right
All right, all right, all right
All right, all right

Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul Mccartney
Revolution lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

A Thanksgiving Message from All of Us at Lightworker’s Sanctuary…

Thanksgiving 2016 

As we gather with family and friends for this Thanksgiving holiday, we are all faced with the unrest and fear that is being expressed all around us, our personal feelings, TV news, and Social Media about our future as a country.

You don’t need to be a citizen of our country to feel the uncertainty of these highly charged energetic times. Lots of anxiety and fear are being generated across the world, because of the unknowns and the unclear direction the new political leaders will be taking. We cannot go back in time, we can only move forward. No one knows what is about to unfold in our country and in the world, only that it is unprecedented and full of so many possibilities.

Over this sacred holiday season we can each do our part to bring positive energies to our nation and the world. We can spend this time of thanksgiving to hold and send forward only thoughts of wonderful, peaceful, and prosperous possibilities to manifest for everyone on earth.

When you are around the energy of turmoil, try to stay in your heart center and above the frequencies of fear and chaos. When you don’t know what else to do in a moment of chaos, stop long enough to go within, and take some deep breaths, while accessing your heart center. Then look at your surroundings with the eyes of your heart.

Remain in the present moment. That is your only place of true power. Observe your thoughts, and when your mind begins to go back to the worries about the future, bring yourself back to center. To be an effective source of positive change, you must be in the present moment.

Most Importantly, Be Grateful! This is what this holiday is all about. 

Showing our gratitude and being grateful for the challenging things that happen in your life is where all real spiritual growth happens.

When we can be grateful for the negative or challenging things that are happening around us, and remain neutral, conscious, and positively committed to changing circumstances for the betterment of all, we clear our karma, and up-lift our lives, and ascend in our spiritual evolution. 

The Law of Karma states that what we put out comes back to us in kind.

So the practice of gratitude in difficult times, demonstrates a Greater Wisdom that knows these things are true: So say to yourself each day through these highly charged times:

“This energy is mine.  It will return to me.  I have the opportunity to neutralize it and make things right.  I have an opportunity to learn. I get to show my graduate.  I am allowing myself to grow.  And for that, I Am So Grateful”!

Remaining in this state of mind, you are creating a beautiful and awe-inspiring space, where negative energy begins to neutralize itself, offering us an opportunity to learn from The Masters of Wisdom, for our spiritual mastery. When this wisdom is integrated into our Being, this will vastly shift our reality, and open us to a life of higher vibration, and bring us closer to the New Earth we all seek.

Give Thanks, Be Grateful, Be the Peace, Create the Joy, and send Your Love out to ALL!

Sending blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday for you and your family.

In Gratitude,