Last week we talked about the winds of change and now the Light has the upper hand. Get Ready, because the rest of this year will be a lot of earth shaking and eye opening events. You must remain strong in ‘your knowing’ and holding your highest vision. Much will come to the surface to be seen. It is best that you continue to find ways and tools that put you in a place of love and not the destruction. You can do this…you must…hold your highest vision. Get out and play and share your love with others!

A wonderful stone that is calling to be used during this time is TREMOLITE.

Tremolite-A Powerful Stone; stimulates the 3rd eye, crown chakra, soul star and higher chakras, raising spiritual growth to a new level. Facilitates access to the morphogenetic fields of the Divine Mind. Powerful in Meditation. Known to open up the neural circuitry in the brain. Can help you to find peace, harmony, clarity & freedom from the negative feelings that will be coming up to be seen and transformed… then healing WILL occur.

Take care of yourself, family and friends. Maintain your highest vision and the highest outcome for all concerned. That is your gift to humanity during this new awakening process.

Love to you,
Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic  

PS I have created a Anointing Oil ‘Righteous Walk’…for those ready to walk in their higher soul’s truth. Check it out at Lightworker’s and see what it does for your senses!