Quartz Crystal Cluster for Harmonizing…

We are ALL really opening up. No matter where you are on your path you are opening up to a higher awareness and consciousness. As we open up and begin to See and Feel things differently. It is important to constantly remind yourself that everyone else is too.

We are all going to understand that we are and always have been multi-dimensional beings… Living multi-faceted lives. We are being required to allow everyone our own unique style of understanding how things are in our own perceived reality. We are on a planet that has much going on…and we all have much to share and explore as we become aware of what we truly are. This will take nurture towards ourselves and each other.

During this time of great opening…take things easy and steady in your growth. Allow others their own way of easing into growth as well. Here is a list of things we can do to not disrupt our openings as we are all opening up together now…not just one here and one there…we ALL are. And we ALL Have Unique Styles!

*Always remember to treat others how you would like to be treated.

*Allow ourselves and others to feel what makes us feel good and walk away from what does not feel good. We all vibrate differently and not all things will be created equal and feel the same. This will become very apparent as we get comfortable in our own skin.

*Always look for the positive in situations…even if it does not work for us know that it will most likely work for another. We will really learn that there is no right and no wrong…only what is!

Quartz Crystal Clusters are great to have in your spaces as they bring more harmony as we are going through this new awakening together. The clusters have quartz points that are going in all directions…different sizes…even other minerals mixed in. They all love each other and know they would not exist together in that cluster without one another. No matter what the size, vibration or mix of creation. The whole was created together and they are unique and different and stand proud in the micro to the macro. Bring them into your space to help bring clarity in understanding of our new way of living in harmony together.

These clusters are a great expression of our work in progress of the New Humanity. Find yourself a cluster and watch it grow and feel what it does for you!

Stop in Lightworker’s Sanctuary and find you some HARMONY…

From JypsyJenn & Earth Magic