We are in a shift of time and we have so much to restructure in our world for us to hold these higher frequencies of our new human form coming through. This will be accomplished over a long period of time…but we are integrating now. As our cells begin to awaken you will find you are more and more sensitive to the lower frequencies that have been created. It is up to us to take care of our individual selves as we figure out how to make our world more compliant to our new bodies. This is why it will take years for us to completely change over.

Living in the city area’s we have a constant battle with lower frequencies. Even if you are doing your diligence in awareness, other people around you will be using lower frequency devices 24/7. So we will need to up our game with protection and tools as we work more and more with our higher self-frequencies coming through. Take care of yourself…you don’t want to let your higher self-down. You have asked for this integration process and now it is here! Treat yourself as though you are the greatest of creation…you are that special!

Give extra attention to what is going on around you and what you put in you. Does it help your high frequency downloads or will it diminish? 

Asking the store of Lightworker’s Sanctuary what in particular would like to work with us the most during this time…these popped out immediately:  Golden Healers and Orgone Pyramids 

We recently acquired Golden Healer Quartz from Brazil. They are master healers, accessing the highest vibration of light our human body can receive and sustain. They Raise our body’s frequency to dissolve and release blocks and foreign energies…replenishing on a cellular level. They will help restore and bring back to balance our body’s natural harmony.

Orgone energy devices are made with the highest intention to amplify and restore harmonic balance. These Lite the Light pyramid creations function as self-driven, highly efficient energy transmutation generators…turning negative energy into positive energy. They strengthen Nature’s own ability to prosper as it purifies the atmosphere and detoxifies water.

Follow your heart on collecting tools that resonate with you as you are becoming a bright magnificent being…bringing through the you that has not been allowed in this time frame ever before. So take great care of you as you are the creator

Love to you from Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic!