Date(s) - 01/15/2019
11:00 am - 05:00 pm

Lightworker's Sanctuary

Telosian Sessions &
Angelic Light Healing

with Tamara Conner

Introducing Telosian Session: 45 minutes $125

Several years ago, me, my husband and our friend were called by Spirit to Mount Shasta to do some work there.  We worked on the land, the Telosians and their city (their home in the mountain). During this time, they told me that I came with the right intentions. To send Love and Light, not to take but to give. And with that, the Telosians gifted me with their energy and a Telosian female guide. She assists me in my Telosian Healing Sessions, bringing people into balance with the shifting of the new energies and working on the physical body. But most importantly to give direct love and energy to raise your vibration and consciousness of the individual. 


Angelic Light Healing Sessions: 45-minutes $125

Angelic Light Healing is best described as an Angelic Multi-dimensional energy that is subtle, but very powerful and deep cleansing. It also works on all levels of an individual’s being, including the physical body such as back problems, stomach issues, circulation problems, water retention, body aches and more. Angelic Light Healing opens your connection to Spirit to receive whatever energy and healing Spirit feels is appropriate.  Clearing limiting beliefs and dense negative energy that helps to open your body to the flow of your life force. Each session is “divinely guided and unique” for the individual at that moment in time. Spirit guides the healing session along with my loving guides: Archangel Michael and Awaiku’s (Hawaiian healing guides).


Tamara is available Every Tuesday, 1st Friday & 2nd Sunday of each month. 

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