Date(s) - 08/13/2017
01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

Lightworker's Sanctuary



Sunday, August 13, 2017 from 1-4 pm

Facilitated by Diane Wood
Palmistry & Numerology Specialist

 What is Life Trying to Teach Me?
 Journeying into our Soul Contract 

  •         What is Karma
  •         Diverse causes of Karma
  •         Affects it creates in our life
  •         If Karma is ignored … what happens?

Time to Encourage & Empower thru Knowledge
Uncovering Tools – Utilizing & Balancing the Rhythm & Flow of … our personal STORY 

  • Full disclosure of each Karmic Lesson & Karmic Debt
  • Learn to calculate and locate our Karma
  • Natures symbolic shapes of Karmic numbers
  • Exploring emotional and psychological characteristics
  • Traits that keep us from the full expression of goals
  • How does Karma get our attention
  • This is a big one, SABOTAGE – making life far too complicated
  • How to push the STOP button to change behaviors
  • Triggers that induce negative patterns and actions
  • Examine possibilities as to why some people have an easier care-free life versus a more challenging one
  • Health related issues associated to each Karmic energetic vibration

Exploring Neutrally-Balanced Space through Vibrations of Stillness Created within each Karmic Number

Implementing both sides of the brain, we will utilize meditative applications and practical-straight forward tools to balance our efforts.    Sit back in guided meditation FEELING the meaning of each karmic vibration, allowing negative patterns to release any expectations of what & how we THINK things should be!

Break Down Barrierspartnering with another person & class participation  

Each soul embodies the Mentor, the teacher within, blessing each step of our journey.   Knowledge is already there.  The play is in full force.  It is through reasoned free will and informed choices where we can successfully clear old patterns that have plagued us … into a higher state of conscious growth.

Together, as soul family with common goals, we will explore & openly share pearls-of-wisdom written within our PERSONAL HANDBOOK gifted to us through the ancient wisdom of Numerology.

Class $85 Register and Pay in advance 
3 Hours 1-4pm / short break / snacks provided

dianewoodDiane’s Bio

Diane Wood uses the tools of Palmistry and Numerology to provide intuitive, inspirational and to-the-point readings.

Looking for answers? 

Diane bridges the physical and spiritual worlds through Ancient Wisdom that has been used throughout the ages.

She communicates upbeat & positive messages directly from your palm and your birthdate which allows her to tap into issues of relationships, business, money, health vulnerabilities, life direction & guidance, empowering you with detailed time-event specific information.

In her past she resided at a spiritual retreat center for 18 years in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado studying metaphysics, giving lectures, leading group meditations and being involved in healing circles.