Date(s) - 10/18/2017
12:00 pm - 04:00 pm

Lightworker's Sanctuary

Intuitive Readings with Angie Torres 

Tuesdays thru Thursdays.

MoonbeamAngela Torres “Moonbeam”

Intuitive Reader, Certified Fairyologist – Doreen Virtue, Level One Crystal Healer, Teacher, Artist, Drummer, Student of the Healing Arts, Graphic & Web Designer

Angela, an Intuitive Reader, is highly in tune with the Angelic Realm and the Elemental Kingdom. She intuitively works with Spirit to seek insight with earthly matters such as relationships, career, health, animals, environment, manifesting prosperity and abundance as well as for general guidance and deep healing.

Angela uses traditional Tarot, Oracle Cards, Crystals and her strong Intuition to help you connect to your higher self and the Divine Realm for guidance and insight into your life. Angela works closely with the Angels and God’s Earth Angels (The Elemental Kingdom or Fairy Realm) to allow her to help you on your journey to creating harmony, joy and love in your life.

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Intuitive Readings:
30-Minutes:  $50
45-Minutes:  $75
60-Minutes:  $100