Date(s) - 05/17/2018
12:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Lightworker's Sanctuary

Robin’s Healing Touch

Angelic Guided

Therapeutic Energy & Intuitive Coaching

Robin KrauserEnergy Healing

Reiki Master

Qi Gong

Life Coaching

Life Principles Integration

Animal Communication

There are many kinds of pain. Sometimes it is as simple as “My back is sore because I cleaned the garage.” This is clearly a physical pain with a physical source. But what if the physical pain is coming as a result of an emotional block?

Spiritual healing has the ability to touch on both the physical and the emotional pain we feel. In my healing sessions, I help you search for awareness and resolution for both types of pain.

Healing Rays, channeled through Angelic Guidance and Meditation allow me to intuitively move Energy through a combination of Pressure Point and Reiki treatments.  Utilizing these complimentary healing therapies, I am able to assist my clients to work through the removal of their emotional blocks and provide relief of their physical pain.

My Life Coaching Skills facilitate the development of a holistic body, mind, soul and spirit strategy that works to keep the Energy path flowing, maintaining a natural rhythm and balance.

I believe that healing energy is channeled through me as well as the gift of guidance from the angels.

In the front of my Healing Team are; Archangel Zadkiel & Saint Germain, Keeper and Master of the Violet Flame for transmuting emotional blocks.

Archangel Raphael and Hilarion, Keeper and Master of the Green Ray for healing of physical indicators of our dis-ease.

I have been drawn to serve and help people my entire life.  Prior to an unplanned facility closure that forced me to re-evaluate my own life’s path – I spent nearly 30 years working in the corporate world as a Customer Service Representative and Manager.

This redirection of my own life allowed me to go back to school full time and earn my Associate of Arts in Teaching, as well as continue training in multiple healing modalities.  It is when I started studying the basic acupressure functions that it all came together and I realized that I had found what I was meant to do!

My purpose and mission is to enable healing and facilitate my clients as they journey down their own life path. 

Robin will be available on the 1st Sunday, 2nd Saturday and Every Thursday.

1-Hour  ~ $100

30-minute ~ $60 

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