Date(s) - 01/14/2017
11:00 am - 07:00 pm

Lightworker's Sanctuary

CHealingelebration of Light
Saturday, January 14, 2017
11 am to 7 pm

~ Free snacks ~ Free Prizes ~
Free Light and Love for All! ~

Join us and partake in a variety of fun activities, socializing and Light Work. Come see what Lightworker’s Sanctuary is all about. We are here to serve the community by providing pathways of information, energy, tools and modalities to transform you and raise your vibration!

Prizes – Come in to register for prizes. Drawings take place hourly throughout the day.
You need NOT be present to win, but you must pick up your prize within 14 days.

Light Work ~ Mind, Body and Spirit Transforming Energy Healing Modalities, Music, Unique Crystals/Gems, Gem-stone Jewelry, Essential Oils, Stained Glassworks, Spiritual/Light Art, Candles, Crystal Bowls, Metaphysical Books, Cards, and many other energetic goodies!

OPEN AT 11:00 am ~ The Day begins with delicious snacks and connecting with others, and this continues ALL DAY. Snacks are supplied, but you are welcome to contribute to the Community Feast.  Pop in anytime!

11 am until 6 pm ~ Personal, one-on-one time with any available Lightworker.

To ensure that your favorite Lightworker will be available, it is best to make an appointment. Call 214-385-1784 or email to schedule an appointment. Be sure to specify in your email who you are requesting a session with.

zberena-hs-150wLightworker Berena Wise will be available to provide you with Acutonic Sound Healing along with a high vibrational mix of energies and modalities to elevate your being for whatever your energetic needs may be:  Tune-Ups, Balancing, Clearing, Ascension, Channeling, Crystal Sonics. AND you may include ColorPuncture with your session. ColorPuncture can only be for one hour sessions. For more information about Berena, click here.
Energy Exchange:  $1.33 per minute (30-minute minimum=$40).


Lightworker Talia, Energy Medicine Practitioner ~ I AM a self-proclaimed Energy ∞ Weaver, utilizing techniques from time-honored traditions such as acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology and qi gong – the foundation of Eden Energy Medicine. The focus of an energy session is to identify imbalances affecting energy flow and, ultimately, your health. For more information about Talia, click here.
Energy Exchange:  $1 per minute (30-minute minimum).


MoonbeamLightworker Angie Torres ‘Moonbeam’ providing Intuitive Readings ~ Angela, an Intuitive Reader, is highly in tune with the Angelic Realm and the Elemental Kingdom. She intuitively works with Spirit to seek insight with earthly matters such as relationships, career, health, animals, environment, manifesting prosperity and abundance as well as for general guidance and deep healing. Intuitive Readings Angela uses traditional Tarot, Oracle Cards, Crystals and her strong Intuition to help you connect to your higher self and the Divine Realm for guidance and insight into your life. Angela works closely with the Angels and God’s Earth Angels (The Elemental Kingdom or Fairy Realm) to allow her to help you on your journey to creating harmony, joy and love in your life. For more information about Angie,  click here.
Energy Exchange: $1 per minute (30-minute minimum).


Andrea HouseyLightworker Andrea Housey providing Intuitive Readings ~ Andrea is an intuitive messenger who receives information through her readings by allowing spirit to bring only messages that are for her clients greatest and highest good. She uses intuitive Tarot and Angel Card Readings. Her goal is to spark the light within you and empower you…”Stand in your power”.
Energy Exchange:  $1 per minute (30-minute minimum).


Lightworker Linda Light providing Readings ~ Linda provides old style Tarot Card Readings and she interprets the energies from ‘The Entities of Light’. As a Spiritual Facilitator, Linda uses her gifts to help people on their journey to awakening and healing. Some of you may be familiar with Linda as she facilitates the John of God Crystal Healing Light Sessions. For more information about Linda, click here.
Energy Exchange:  $1 per minute (30-minute minimum).


Lightworker Diane Wood providing Palmistry & Numerology Readings ~ Diane uses the tools of Palmistry and Numerology to provide intuitive, inspirational and to-the-point readings. Diane bridges the physical and spiritual worlds through Ancient Wisdom that has been used throughout the ages. She communicates upbeat & positive messages directly from your palm and your birth-date which allows her to tap into issues of relationships, business, money, health vulnerabilities, life direction & guidance, empowering you with detailed time-event specific information. For more information about Diane, click here.
Energy Exchange:  $1 per minute (30-minute minimum).


Ka_Horne_small“Art for the Soul” Paintings by Ka Horne
Ka Horne is delighted to be able to offer beautiful glimpses into one’s true self. She hopes that all those she reaches will discover the strength, power and peace within themselves and All There Is. Ka is a passionate artist filled with the Love and Light of God.  With inspiration and Light, Ka’s guides allow her a glimpse of the beauty of one’s true self, so she is able to express for others through words and color, the inner light of their true God-self.  Through her paintings, she hopes to inspire and enlighten you to the point of truth and realization of Creator’s blessings upon mankind, our world and the wonders of All There Is.  Each painting is as unique as the person she paints it for.  Her intention is that while meditating upon your painting you will receive messages and inspiration that bring you closer to realizing the gifts and blessings of Creator and your own special Inner Light.

Ka Horne Art 311×14  –  $65, 30-minute reading
16×20 – $100, 45-minute reading

Gift Certificates are available for purchase with Ka!

To schedule an appointment with Ka, call 214-385-1784 or email Be sure to specify in your email that you are requesting an appointment with Ka.


Pete-Taboada-international-visionary-spiritual-artist-300-255x300Heart Art” Paintings by Pete Taboada ~ How would you feel with your very own Heart Art Personalized Painting?  

Heart Art is personalized art that you create with the power and energy of your heart. The power of your feelings and emotions are embedded in the final art, therefore it’s used to facilitate manifesting your soul desires. The process is simple, fun and powerful. You pick the background that you connect with. If you have a crystal(s) that you would like to use to be part of your painting, bring it with you when we start your painting session.

Before painting, Pete will ask you want to manifest in your life, then you go in to a simple process where you become a powerful magnet using the power of your heart-mind. Yes, this is all you…Because you are that powerful! During this time, Pete will be painting certain things that will be very symbolic and special for you and you only. After finishing the painting, you then infuse your painting with your energy. The finalized painting is now connected with you at a very deep soul level. Having a beautiful personalized painting that doubles as a manifestation tool is a very powerful and unique experience. For more information about Pete, click here.

HeartArt3Heart Art Personalized Painting Discount Prices:
Painting for manifesting one desire – $55 (30 minute session)
Painting for manifesting two desires – $75 (45 minute session)
Painting for manifesting three desires – $100 (1 Hour session)

To schedule an appointment with Pete, call 214-385-1784 or email Be sure to specify in your email that you are requesting an appointment with Pete.


Glyph : known as an inscription or symbol
Sigil : a symbol which has magical power

Energy Exchange: $20

The Angelic language and its symbols, which comprise a myriad of meanings and interpretations, are a vibrational language of power, rather than an earthly spoken tongue. This language can be effectual in enabling the ability to manifest into our reality through the alignment of spiritual, etheric energies and combine with our individual intent. Each character contained within a glyph is a magical sigil traditionally used to inscribe holy books, texts and environments. The human body is its own environment; therefore, by inscribing it with these tattoos, we may align ourselves directly with the angelic vibrational realm. This allows for an intermingling of our individual vibration along with the specific qualities and natures of the Archangels, thereby raising and attuning our frequency in order to experience and better communicate with theirs.

Some simple examples:LIHenna1LIHenna2

  1. Raphael – East – Air – thoughts and communication, mental capabilities reason and rationality, healing (Mercury)
  2. Michael, (my understanding) – South – Fire – creativity, inner fire, protection, creation through destruction, guidance (Sol)
  3. Gabriel – West- Water- emotions, intuition, birth, (Luna)
  4. Uriel, (my understanding) – North – Grounding, building, bravery (Terra).